Friday, February 29, 2008

Sven's 70 Days of Sweat!

Sounds like a title for one of my books... *cackle*

But it's not. It's a writing challenge. A little like NaNo but not as strict-you can work on anything you want, more than one or use the challenge to finish a work in progress. Starting March 1st and running through May 16th, a group of writers band together to support each other as they sweat words. Inspirational words and check-ins help push people toward their goals. (

The March 1st challenge is the third Sven challenge and the first for me. My goals are to finish a 20k novella (18k to go!) and a 50k novel. Only 1k a day is doable. Although I'm more likely to do an average of 500 words a day duriing the week and make up the rest on the weekend.

So tomorrow, I'll wade into the writing workout with Sven. Wish me luck!


Saturday, February 16, 2008


So far 2008 is lookin' good! January brought the sale of Past Lies, my 2007 NaNoWriMo novel, to Ellora's Cave. Now in February, the sale of Longing For Eternity! I have a couple of submissions out so maybe March will be equally lucky! *cackle* Though I'm not holding my breath!

Longing For Eternity is a short novella, and the third book in The Cost of Eternity series, set after The Rememdiu.

LONGING FOR ETERNITY, Coming soon to Ellora's Cave (Unedited blurb)

Serena Whitmore’s love for Zaki surpassed death but her transformation into a vampire has kept her separate from him for thirty-four years. As much as her heart and body crave him, the natural enmity between vampires keeps their visits brief. Now, fate twists its fickle fingers into her life and teases her with a solution. And a piece of her heart she thought she’d lost forever.

Zaki Bashandi has spent two millennia living by the rules his vampiric nature—alone. Sex was a means to blood, not love, not desire. Until Serena entered his life and enslaved what was left of his soul. Now, his longing for eternity with the one woman who captured his heart may become a reality. If they both survive long enough for the cure…

PAST LIES, Coming soon to Ellora's Cave

Two opposite men, two different lives, two sets of past lies.

With his twenty year high school reunion looming, Paul Loughton dreads seeing the one person who could tempt him to stray from his path. Small town mayor, lawyer and budding politician, Paul can’t—won’t—admit he’s gay, even to himself. Years of denial and lies are now threatened by an inevitable encounter. With his denial slipping, he has to come face to face with temptation.

Randy Martin left his small town roots behind before the ink on his diploma was dry. The cliquish world of his childhood didn’t have room for the weird kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Rumors of his sexual preferences made life that much more difficult. Now, twenty years later, he should be anxious to rub his wealth and success in the faces of his former classmates. Except with one of them, the urge to rub something else hasn’t diminished over the years.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Flash Fiction Sunday, February 3rd!

Come join me for Flash Fiction Sunday at Liquid Silver's SEx Blog on Sunday, February 3!

Flash fiction is 100 word drabbles. Come one, come all and have some fun! No rules this time. We'll be having a posting free for all! Or just stop by and post a comment!

I'll be giving away a choice of a free ebook from my backlist to one lucky poster! The winner will be chosen on Monday morning so everyone has a chance to play!