Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saying Goodbye To Furry Friends

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my dog, Barney. He turned fifteen in January. I got him when he was barely weaned. Poor old boy was falling apart and I probably should have let him go months ago but I couldn't. I need to do better in the future.

I have an aging animal population. This year isn't going to be a good one. December, I lost my cat Nommy. Yesterday, Barney.

Today, Princess the cat goes back to the vet. I don't know what will happen with her. She's seventeen and has kidney failure. Doc tried a treatment two weeks ago. Not sure if it did any good.

My dog Mei Mei is older than Barney and she's failing too. Of the other five cats, at least two of them are probably older than 10 years.

I've spoiled all of them rotten so at least they've had a good life. But it's so hard to let go...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Music for the Writer's Soul: S&M by Rihanna

What can I say about this song?

I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it.
Sex in the air. I don't care. I love the smell of it.
Sticks and stones may break my bones but
Chains and whips excite me.

First time I heard it, my reaction was one of righteous indignation. Bitch stole my stuff! Well, kind of. *cackle* I'm been using the "sticks and stones" saying forever. The shock value alone makes it fun.

Whips and chains... *cackle*

Stay tuned for my free read at Ellora's Cave on February 28. A follow up story to ICING ON THE CAKE, ACQUIRED TASTE proves a little bondage is a good thing.


Jeff knows Ollie is the best thing to happen to him since the invention of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Too bad Jeff’s determined to screw things up. If walking away after three months hurts this much, Jeff knows he’d never survive when things eventually did end.

Ollie refuses to let Jeff go without mixing up a batch of hot sex—his way. While bondage might be an acquired taste, Jeff’s never given it a chance. Now Ollie plans to shake and bake Jeff’s world—before Ollie kicks him to the curb.

And enjoy the video S&M by Rihanna.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thor? Oh, Yum!

Now this is a movie I really want to see!

Oy vey, that boy is built! The 16 yo niece and her friend want to go see this one with me. *cackle*

Official Site May 6th, 2011 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Deja Vu MTV!

Except it's name is Yahoo Music. A few weeks ago, I finally got tired of hooking and unhooking my computer to my TV to watch Netflix and Hulu. Sudden inspiration--or maybe the resparking of a few dead brain cells--reminded me of my old laptop.

I bought a new one last year because different components were messing up--keyboard due to cat claws, USB ports, CD drive. Seemed too much like a disaster waiting to happen to trust my manuscripts on it. But to hook it up to the TV to watch shows online? What's to lose? I even found a mini-wireless keyboard with a touch pad. It's the size of a remote. I can surf through the shows I want to watch without having to deal with a full sized keyboard.

The other day Brandi Evans posted Halestorm's video, A Familiar Taste of Poison, on her blog. I decided to play it on my TV--because it is an awesome video.

Then I started searching for other videos online. I found Yahoo Music. And there lies the MTV deja vu! I loved MTV back when the "M" stood for music and they played non-stop videos all day. That would be in the early 80s the young whippersnappers among you. Back then, my TV rarely had anything else on.

Good news...lots of fabulous videos and I can make my own playlists. Bad news...I can see my iTunes shopping list getting expensive because I found a lot of songs I must buy!

Currently listening/watching: Bottoms Up by Trey Songz

Even if I'm officially an old fart, I still love music of all kinds. Well, almost. I do draw the line at some things. I dread today because my evil, evil mother promised my ten year-old niece that Auntie Shayla would be happy to take her to the Justin Bieber movie.

The other day, I told Momma I was bringing earplugs to drown out the squealing screams of hyperactive tweens over a kid who seriously needs a haircut. I mean, come on. The kid's worth millions. Hire a decent barber!

But I digress... (Digress--fancy word for "saw something shiny".)

As soon as my complaint to my mother left my lips, I realized I was officially an old fart and it had nothing to do with turning 51 last week. Thirty-some-odd years ago, I was a screaming teenager at live concerts. Of course, I had better taste. I screamed for Electric Light Orchestra, the Doobie Brothers, Blue Oyster Cult and Rush. *cackle* Keep me in your thoughts as I brave the Bieber Fever crowd. I just hope I survive.

Hey, maybe I'll plug into Yahoo Music and watch my kind of videos during the movie!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Thirty Days to Forever is available!

Yay! My novellas THIRTY DAYS and FOREVER are now available in print as FROM THIRTY DAYS TO FOREVER! The proof was gorgeous! The original cover artist, April Martinez of Graphic Fantastic, modified the cover of THIRTY DAYS to show the new title. The cover flat is fabulous!

April also formatted the book itself. Check her out if you need books formatted or covers done, she's amazing!

The backcover copy:

Thirty Days

Biton Savakis, a 42 year old wealthy lawyer in New York City, is lost without his beloved slave of ten years. Since Erik’s death from cancer three months before, the will to continue his life as a Dom slipped away. Until now. The forlorn looking redhead seems as lost as Biton feels. Maybe the young man can help ease his tension, even if only for a little while.

Cavan never chose the life of a slave, but he doesn’t clearly remember a time when he wasn’t one. Beaten close to death and thrown aside by his former Master, Cavan doesn’t know how to do anything else. When Biton offers him a temporary contract, Cavan doesn’t understand the meaning of his new Master’s words. All he knows is he has a new home and someone to serve. But what will happen to him when the contract ends... In thirty days…


In Biton Savakis’ opinion, following the advice of Cavan’s therapist isn’t working. Refraining from dominant play with an abused submissive trying to heal is one thing. Biton is willing to forgo that part of his life. However, not talking to Cavan about making their arrangement permanent doesn’t make sense.

Three months after his new master promises him forever, Cavan is afraid it won’t happen. Although the thirty day contract is long over, Biton hasn’t offered a new one. Nightmares about testifying against his former master don’t make life easier.

Just as Cavan begins to understand what he means to Biton, Cavan’s past reaches out to steal his happiness and maybe his life.

Content: M/M, bondage, Domination/submission