Thursday, October 29, 2009

FOR OLYMPUS' SAKE Releases on November 6th!

Woo hoo! I have a release date--November 6th--and a hot new cover by Dar Albert for my time travel to Ancient Greece! Yes, I said time travel. I'm branching out into scifi/fantasy! FOR OLYMPUS' SAKE won't be the last either. I have several mixed in with ideas for more contemporaries and paranormals!

Here's a little about the book!

Available at Ellora's Cave November 6th!

The Blurb:

Stephen Liatos’ career as an archeologist hit a brick wall a long time ago. His love life crashed and burned right behind it. When a young, golden intern claims to have the key to the illusive artifact known as Aphrodite’s Necklace, Stephen’s life takes a strange turn. Suddenly, he’s in the middle of the hottest wet dream he’s ever had. Until all hell breaks loose. Literally.

Alex’s mission was to retrieve his mistress’ necklace. He didn’t need a passenger along for the ride, although Stephen’s overactive libido makes for an interesting trip. Nor did he expect to end up in Hades instead of Olympus. Now he has to get the necklace and Stephen out of the Underworld before they both become permanent residents.

Click here for an excerpt!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Vampires on Sale at Ellora's Cave!

In celebration of Halloween, all vampire ebooks are on sale at Ellora's Cave until October 31st! Check out this link: for 15% off!

Of course, since I have four vampire books at Ellora's Cave, they are also 15% off! If you are missing any of the books in the Eternity series, now's the time to buy!
The Eternity Series

Sexy vampires, immortal Watchers, murder, mayhem and manlove!
For a little of everything, the Eternity series.
Available at Ellora's Cave.

The Legends

The Vampires… The Eternity vampires aren’t your standard coffin-sleeping, sunlight-hating, garlic-issues, stake-avoiding vamps. Vegetation, crosses and holy water have no effect on the Eternity vampires. A stake in the heart hurts but doesn't kill. And while daylight will drain their strength, they can counteract it by drinking extra blood.

Unfortunately natural animosity exists between vamps. They can only stand to be near another of their own kind for a short while. Their natural urge is to run the other vampire out of their territory or to kill them. And the only means of death is severing the spinal cord. Beheading works best.

The Blood… While blood is the medium of delivery, it isn’t the true sustenance. Strong emotion sends pheromones into the bloodstream. Pheromones are the true craving of the vampire. The strongest response comes from extreme ends of the emotional spectrum—fear and sexual satisfaction. Fear is the more addicting but it takes bits of what’s left of a vampire’s soul.

The Watchers… Watchers are like the immortal children of vampires. Their mother, in the late stages of pregnancy, is turned when a vampire drains her of blood then forces her to drink from him. Because of the violent change, her body dispels the fetus. If the pregnancy is far enough along, the child will live. But his blood is mixed with the vampire's blood. After he reaches puberty, if the offspring has sex with another Watcher, he will be changed as well. Sexual fluids are to Watchers as blood is to vampires. Watchers have all the strengths of a vampire without the weaknesses or the need for blood.

The Rememdiu… Legend tells of a creature both vampire and Watcher that is a cure for vampirism. Some believe this means the death of all vamps, others believe the Rememdiu will allow vamps to live more like humans.

Step into the books and explore the world of the Eternity series!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Survived RomantiCon!

So I'm back from Ellora's Cave's RomantiCon! I survived--exhausted--but survived! And had an absolute blast! Actually, I got back on Monday but I needed time to recuperate!

Things started out a bit rocky. The drive to the airport in Little Rock was harrowing because of torrential rains. Then both my flights were delayed. When I arrived at DFW (Dallas/Ft Worth), I had twenty minutes to catch my next flight to Cleveland. That meant a run from gate B9 to B25. I have to admit I'm not up to a run of any kind. I was already winded from the long uphill walk on the ramp from the plane. I don't breathe well since the pneumonia last year. Fortunately, one of the airport's cart came by and flagged him down. I caught my breath while riding to the gate. Not being able to breathe is a scary feeling!

I met my friend Betty Hanawa at the gate for the Cleveland flight. Her daughter Amanda's flight into DFW had been canceled so she wouldn't make it until much later. Of course, after my breath defying run the flight to Cleveland was delayed. *headdesk* But we finally made it to Cleveland airport. But my luggage didn't. *cackle*

Because of the delayed flights, we missed all the workshops on Friday but the Psychedelic Soiree made up for everything. Except I couldn't dress the part because my luggage still hadn't made it. *pouts* But I got over it quickly! A crazed stalking fangurl (j/k), George, found me at the party. I follow her on Twitter--that makes me sound like the stalker, huh... We headed to the bar after the party to chat. By the time we finished gabbing, midnight had struck and my luggage showed up! George turned out to be lucky! And wonderful to talk to!

Everyone was wonderful to talk to! RomantiCon was so much fun and, unlike other events I've attended, much less hectic and harried. Only two tracks of workshops so I didn't have to choose between a bunch of different tracks. Dinner and breakfast buffets were provided by Ellora's Cave so no scrambling for food between events. Lunch on Saturday was a little screwy since the hotel restaurant was understaffed. I missed a workshop after lunch because it took too long. EC announced that next year, they'd see about some kind of buffet for lunch as well. They left time between the day sessions and the evening events so I could rest or just sit and chat with people. Oh, and the bar had Killian's Red on tap. And for whatever reason, the alcohol didn't give me hot flashes! Woo hoo! Might be the new hormones!

Saturday also had Author Mania sessions. Authors gathered in the ball room in three different sessions in the morning and the afternoon, giving readers a chance to come around to meet and chat with their favs. They could also bring their own books for the authors to sign. At the two different sessions, I sat with different authors. And had a blast chatting with them.

Ellora's Cave also printed a keepsake book with autograph pages listed for the authors and the cover models. I used a blank page for readers autographs. Readers were the true stars of this convention. Writers can write all they want but without readers, we're nothing!

Another highlight of the conference was the book fair on Sunday. I got to meet a blogger who made my day on Mother's Day this year. She posted a blog about how her mother was a huge fan of mine and loved my books. Plus, I got to meet her mother! I was thrilled! And speaking of the book fair, I was signing my two new books in print, PAST LIES and NAUGHTIEST NUPTIALS (includes GAPS IN YOUR SOUL).

On the convention Yahoo loop, Ellora's Cave already announced next year's convention. It'll be at the same hotel October 8-10, 2010. Like this year, there'll be early bird stuff for those who arrive on Thursday, Oct 7. I plan to arrive on Wednesday. Maybe then I'll have my luggage and all in time. *cackle*

The flights home were all on time. It wouldn't have mattered if they weren't. I sat next to the amazing Samantha Kane at the book fair. Her newest book in print, TOMORROW, tempted me too much! TOMORROW is part of the scifi Hunter For Hire series at Ellora's Cave. We all know Sam writes amazing m/m/f menages in her Regency series, Brothers in Arms. Well, guess what? TOMORROW is like Brothers In Arms In Space! It hit all my scifi buttons! I finished it as the plane landed in Little Rock!

And when I got home, I emailed the series coordinator for a copy of the Hunter For Hire bible. I have an idea that would work for the world they've created. But first, I have to play catch up on the stories already in progress.

I'm off to another conference next week, this time in New Jersey. I need to get my butt in gear and accomplish some kind of writing before then!

Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm off to Ellora's Cave's RomantiCon today! I can't wait! This is my vacation for the year. I'm going to the convention to have fun. If I get any work done there, it'll be strictly accidental!

I know I've been a bit behind on blogging. I promise to catch up when I get back. I should have some goodies from the con to giveaway. Not to mention, I have two new print books out! PAST LIES is now in print and GAPS IN YOUR SOUL is in the NAUGHTIEST NUPTIALS anthology. Both available at Ellora's Cave now. They should be up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, et al, soon.

Plus I have a new sale to announce. But right now, I need to get my ass in gear and get ready for my flight to RomantiCon!

PAR-TAY! Oh, if I call for bail money...well, hopefully you can spare a dime. *cackle*