Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, I'm a little out of touch!

I haven't posted in over two weeks! Things have been hectic lately. Have some good news to report! I sold another short story to Black Lace. IN HEAT will be in the SEXY LITTLE NUMBERS anthology due out in August! Woo hoo!

Mini-Blurbage: Miriam's new neighbor, George, is beyond hot. Just watching him sets Miriam’s libido on high. Unfortunately, because of George’s hate/hate relationship with her cat, Miriam doubts she’ll ever get the chance to check out the promise of George’s hard body. When her cat ends up stuck on George’s balcony, Miriam’s rescue plans goes awry. Her punishment leads to a delicious ménage as Miriam gives into the heat of her passions.

I also finished edits for book four in the Eternity series at Ellora's Cave. The release date for FIGHTING FOR ETERNITY is June 3rd! Another woo hoo! *cackle*

More blurbage: Searching for a murderous rogue vampire, Watcher Estefan Garza’s life is turned upside down by tragic loss and a surprise from his past. His bone-chilling loss is warmed by fires of passion reignited by vampire Karl Brandt.

On a quest to destroy a former friend, Karl is startled by Estefan and his mysterious companions. Karl can’t understand why Estefan hasn’t aged in seventy years. Unwilling to let him leave until Karl discovers the truth, he offers Estefan and his friends refuge and assistance for their common mission.

As a bloody battle for Memphis ensues, Karl and Estefan bond between danger and destruction until all that remains separating them is a fight for eternity.

Note: While a stand-alone, it is recommended the novels be read in order for maximum reading pleasure.

I had a wonderful time at the Northern Louisiana RWA Chapter's conference last weekend. Roomed with my galpals Myla Jackson and Delilah Devlin, which is always a blast. I met with a couple of agents who are interested in the scifi book. I need to finish it first as they want to see a full manuscript. I'm a few chapters in on it. I wanted it closer to completion before the conference but life didn't want to work out that way!

When I returned home, I found a request for a three chapter partial from another publisher for a different erotic romance project. So I've been a busy little bee getting the chapters ready to mail!

I'm going crazy but it's a good crazy! Between the scifi, the partial and another gay romance almost done, I've got plenty to work on. Just not enough hours in the day to do it! But I'm not complaining! I'm loving every minute of it!