Friday, March 23, 2007

Just a little light reading...

One of the fun parts of writing *not* is reading contracts. It's amazing how convoluted the wording can get when lawyers get involved... But then there's the happy dance that a contract is in my grubby little paws awaiting my signature.

Finally, after many months of waiting, my contract for my Kensington novella has arrived! Keket's Curse was my first "official" sale as part of the Damned, Dangerous & Delicious anthology. Kensington Aphrodisia offered for the manuscript back in July of last year based on a two page proposal. The contract was just a little slow getting here! LOL

With the Kensington contract arrived my agent's contract. When the deal was first offered, I understood the agent was offering to represent me on a book to book basis. The contract is for two years! So I now officially have a literary agent!!

Today is a good day. However, I've spent most of the night on the phone with my friends, Megan Kerans and Myla Jackson talking about our contracts! Then my lil sis called so more time on the phone. Then I had to call my mother to tell her the contracts arrived... Now it's 10PM and the most writing I've done today has been this blog!

Oh, and lil sis is nuts. She told me she wanted to get a matched pair of puppies, littermates. She's going to name them Dolce and Gabbana. She said that way, she could claim she owned a pair. *cackle* With vet bills and critter food, a pair of the shoes might be cheaper!


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