Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Release Date!

Finally! LOL Keket's Curse is a novella in the Masters of Desire anthology with Kensington Aphrodisia. Officially, Keket's Curse was my first sale. The offer was made in July of 2006. Yes, 2006. But it's New York print publishing and they are much slower than ebooks. I've been spoiled with fast turnarounds. *cackle*

So after a long wait, and very fast edits last month, the release date is January 2009! *insert Snoopy dancing here* Since my other print books are small press, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing my name on the shelf at the local Barnes & Nobles. Since this is Kensinton Aphrodisia, I will finally have that pleasure! And even better, the other two authors in the antho, Myla Jackson and Layla Chase, are good friends. So I have the added pleasure of seeing my name with theirs!

Now I have to wait patiently for the cover... Patience may be a virtue but no one ever accused me of being virtuous! *cackle*

Keket's Curse - Masters of Desire anthology - Jan 2009

Unedited Blurb:

Jamila Aten had an insatiable lust for men. Literally. Caught in a less than favorable position with the Egyptian priestess Keket’s lover 3000 years ago, Jamila was cursed with a libido out of control. Fortunately, with looks Cleopatra would kill for, Jamila had no trouble attracting men. With only one problem. Sex she could have but one kiss steals her lover’s life.

Detective David Craise couldn’t decide if there was a very clever killer wandering his city or if sex had suddenly become deadly--two healthy young men dead of no apparent causes found in compromising conditions. A mysterious exotic woman was the only connection. Almost the same description of the woman who seduced him last night...

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