Saturday, August 22, 2009

Must Have Pants!

Well, I'm a little more timely this time! At least a month hasn't passed by since my last post. Not as much to report though.

My critique partner returned the gay Greek time travel--tentatively titled FOR OLYMPUS' SAKE. Her comments weren't too harsh, thank heavens, but as usual, she's right on the money. I ran through the edits then finished up the submission package (synopsis, back cover blurb). I emailed the entire thing to my Ellora's Cave editor yesterday morning. Now for the nail biting. And nausea. I always feel a little sick after submissions.

Early in the week, I started working on a gay erotic paranormal murder mystery. Oh, and it's a cold case. Yes, I've got genre-itis. Let's see how many I can squeeze in there. The plotting is coming along well. The victim is a smart-assed nineteen year old. I twittered yesterday that if my murder victim was real, I'd want to kill him! *cackle* No, I will not be writing myself into the novel as the killer.

Okay, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you might have seen reference to the family must-have-pants rule. It's a long story. Someday, I'll stick it in a book. But let's just say a relative forgot to wear pants one day. For whatever reason. The worst part had something to do with arguing with the cops after the accident. I shudder to remember all the details. So anyway... Now the deal in our family is you can get away with almost anything--as long as you have on pants.

I just found this on YouTube. To freaking funny. Would give my mother nightmares!


Myla Jackson said...

Hi Shayla! Great video! Funny!

Brandy W said...

I would ask how someone can forget to wear pants but then remember that I have 2 boys. Its bound to happen I think in my house. lol

Congrats on getting the Greek time travel sent off.

Brandy W said...

Ok I just watched the video and laughed my butt off. the ones guys face was priceless. Total kicker though was the person who did the music has the same name as my daughter though her's is spelled with an "a"

Nina Pierce said...

Shayla - Good luck with the submission. No nausea needed, I'm sure it's wonderful. And I know you've mentioned the story about the no-pants story, but it just kills me that someone could do it without realizing it. LOL! The video really is very funny.

Laurann Dohner said...

That was great. Very funny but Burrrrr. I'd freeze my...undies off. LOL.

Mary Ann Webber said...

This family rule is more silly that funny - I can say that because I'm the one who caused it. A few decades ago - when I was a single Mom - the one word I couldn't bear to hear on my children's lips was F__t. So they came up with saying it backwards: Traf. It's become an old family custom to laugh about it.
Good luck with your submission - not that you need any!