Friday, October 16, 2009

Vampires on Sale at Ellora's Cave!

In celebration of Halloween, all vampire ebooks are on sale at Ellora's Cave until October 31st! Check out this link: for 15% off!

Of course, since I have four vampire books at Ellora's Cave, they are also 15% off! If you are missing any of the books in the Eternity series, now's the time to buy!
The Eternity Series

Sexy vampires, immortal Watchers, murder, mayhem and manlove!
For a little of everything, the Eternity series.
Available at Ellora's Cave.

The Legends

The Vampires… The Eternity vampires aren’t your standard coffin-sleeping, sunlight-hating, garlic-issues, stake-avoiding vamps. Vegetation, crosses and holy water have no effect on the Eternity vampires. A stake in the heart hurts but doesn't kill. And while daylight will drain their strength, they can counteract it by drinking extra blood.

Unfortunately natural animosity exists between vamps. They can only stand to be near another of their own kind for a short while. Their natural urge is to run the other vampire out of their territory or to kill them. And the only means of death is severing the spinal cord. Beheading works best.

The Blood… While blood is the medium of delivery, it isn’t the true sustenance. Strong emotion sends pheromones into the bloodstream. Pheromones are the true craving of the vampire. The strongest response comes from extreme ends of the emotional spectrum—fear and sexual satisfaction. Fear is the more addicting but it takes bits of what’s left of a vampire’s soul.

The Watchers… Watchers are like the immortal children of vampires. Their mother, in the late stages of pregnancy, is turned when a vampire drains her of blood then forces her to drink from him. Because of the violent change, her body dispels the fetus. If the pregnancy is far enough along, the child will live. But his blood is mixed with the vampire's blood. After he reaches puberty, if the offspring has sex with another Watcher, he will be changed as well. Sexual fluids are to Watchers as blood is to vampires. Watchers have all the strengths of a vampire without the weaknesses or the need for blood.

The Rememdiu… Legend tells of a creature both vampire and Watcher that is a cure for vampirism. Some believe this means the death of all vamps, others believe the Rememdiu will allow vamps to live more like humans.

Step into the books and explore the world of the Eternity series!

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