Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Report Card!


I read a lot of author blogs and a number of them are doing Sunday Report Cards. Evidently accountability combats procrastination. *cackle* Considering I'm the Queen of Procrastination, maybe a Sunday Report Card would be a good thing. Of course, I might not get the post done until Monday or Tuesday!

Since all my titles are tentative--I suck at titles and give my editors the final say there--I'll post abbreviations instead.

1) Completed TDDYP (HQ Intrigue) synopsis and query letter.
2) Submitted TDDYP synopsis to Roses' Colored Glasses critique group.
3) Finished CI (Samhain) revisions--after CP's first read. Added net 850 words this week plus edits. Sent back to CP.
4) Did three critiques for the Roses' Colored Glasses critique group.
5) Worked on plotting synopsis for STNQ (HQ SR).
6) Began revisions on OOC (not sure who yet). Story written two years ago and rejected by Spice Brief.
7) Worked 10 hours for the evil day job.
8) Snoopy danced about the Bean Pot Award. *cackle*

So I did a lot more than I thought I had! Nice!

Next week's goals? Well, some of it depends on when my extra busy CP gets back to me. Poor woman is running herself ragged!

1) Mail TDDYP proposal to HQ Intrigue.
2) Sub CI to Samhain. (If CP finishes.)
3) Finish revisions on OOC, send to CP and figure out where to sub.
4) Work the evil day job 16-24 hours.
5) Snoopy dance some more about the Bean Pot Award. *cackle*

I'm not sure of my EDJ schedule. I know I have to work Mon & Fri. Plus next weekend is Easter and the sibs will be at Momma's. I might be a little too ambitious with my goals. *cackle* Hopefully, I'll at least get 1-3 done.

So we'll see next Sunday if I can manage this goal thingy! LOL


Denise said...

Queen of Procrastination, eh? I think not. Based on your week's activities, the last thing I'd call you on is procrastination. But, goals are always good, so congrats on setting some out. Now push the kitty off the keyboard and get to work!

Shayla Kersten said...

LOL Sounds like a lot, Denise, but considering I only had 10 hours at the day job, I believe I could have done more! *cackle*