Sunday, May 22, 2011

What's In A Name...

I suck at titles. Most of my books ended up renamed because the working title just didn't cut it. Or someone else already had first dibs. Or marketing objected.

For instance, the first book in my vampire series, The Cost of Eternity. The original title was Eternal Darkness. The main reason for the change was the publisher had too many titles with Eternal or Darkness. Smart marketing attempts to keep the titles from being too similar or readers may see something that looks familiar and assume they've already read it when they hadn't.

The change was good on another front as well. Someone had kindly pointed out that in the promo world, authors often abbreviate their titles to the initials. Eternal Darkness = ED. Back in 2006/2007, the phrase erectile dysfunction was all over the airwaves and it too had been shortened to "ED". An erotic romance really doesn't need that kind of association. *cackle*

My first Tennessee Cop story, Hidden Force, ended up with the same marketing issues. The original title--which I loved--was Hidden Heat. So many things about the book played into the title. Things hidden--a closeted cop, an undercover operation. Heat--a lot of the theme circled around hot and cold. The relationship between the two heroes was hot; the one guy's inability to commit was cold. I thought I'd really come up with the perfect title. Except once again, the word Heat had been overused. Hence the final name of Hidden Force.

The second TN Cop story, A Helping Hand, ended up with it's original working title. I actually submitted it under Secret Needs because one of my critique partners didn't think the working title was sexy enough. Unfortunately, Secret was an overused word. So I tossed the original title out to my editor and she really liked it. Go figure... *cackle*

With my latest book, Consensual Infidelity, the title came before the book. Very unusual for me. My friend, Delilah Devlin, amazes me with her ability to take a title and write an entire story around it. I usually can't think of one until the story is finished. For example, the WIP I'm working on today is titled "SK New MM Short". *cackle*

Consensual Infidelity was born from a conversation thread on one of my RWA loops. The topic of the definition of a romance reared its head for the gazillionth time. It usually comes up once or twice a year. Someone said they didn't classify a menage a trois as a romance because--to them--infidelity, even if consensual, wasn't romantic. I disagree but everyone is allowed their opinion. And I got a rather cool title out of it! LOL



Denise Wilder never thought the idea of a man having sex with a man would be so intriguing but when her hot hunk of a Memphis cop boyfriend admits he’d do a guy, her mind and body go into lust-filled overdrive.

When Brady Jameson reveals his attraction to men, his girlfriend proposes a deal. She’ll help him make his fantasy come true. A night with her and her gay best friend Jay sounds like a serious slice of heaven.

But will consensual infidelity take their budding romance to new heights or end it completely?

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Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I really like Consensual Infidelity for a title. :)

One funny instance about titles, Shayla, involves the naming of a book series I wrote. It's a trio of action-adventure type erotic romance taking place in a Conan-the-Barbarian-type era. I really wanted it to be named one thing but the publisher had other ideas and wouldn't budge.

It turns out the series name the publisher chose is identical to that of a Regency romance author's series and readers have mixed us up more than once. LOL

BTW--thanks for stopping by my blog. :) said...

Very passionate and full of erotics post! I am frequently ashamed of looking at such!

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