Friday, February 23, 2007

Manlove Chat

Literary Nymphs Yahoo Group is hosting a Manlove Chat today from 9AM Eastern until whenever! I'll be there tonight after the day job as well as tons of other m/m authors!

Some of the authors included will be Michael Barnette, Laura Baumbach, Mychael Black & Shane Carmichael, Ally Blue, Jules Jones, Barbara Sheridan & Anne Cain, Joely Skye, Stephanie Vaughan , Emily Veinglory and Matthew Haldeman-Time.

Stop by and say hi or just lurk and read all the yummy excerpts! Join at http://groups. group/literaryny mphschat/.

Hope to see you there!

Hugs, Shayla


megamie said...

"Literary Nymphs rock!"

Hi Shayla!! I am having fun! Great exepts

Teresa FAR

pam said...

Of Course Literary Nymphs Rock! LOL

Pam aka Irish Minx

Roberta said...

Literary Nymphs Rock!
Having a great time tonight Shayla!


KarenG said...

Literary Nymphs rock! Thanks for the chance to win.

Cassandra Gold said...

Literary Nymphs Rock!!!! :)

DawnM said...

Literary Nymphs rock

Well they've contributed to rocking my email anyway, seems several of my groups are having chats today, just had about 2000 emails downloading into Outlook.


jennybrat said...

Literary Nymphs rock!

Waterfall said...

Literary Nymphs Rock! whoohooo *dances*

Susan aka waterfallwoman

KimW said...

Literary Nymphs rock!


Anonymous said...

"Literary Nymphs Rock!"

Awesome Excerpts, Shayla!!!