Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Sale!

Edits are done on Gaps In Your Soul! The quickie story will be part of Ellora's Cave's Naughty Nuptials in June! I finished the edits over the weekend. I hope! My editor hasn't gotten back to me on the final version but she hadn't made many comments.

Here's the blurb!

Army Captain Jared North can handle any challenge life throws him whether recovering from his wounds received in combat or his best friend's wedding. Facing the groom's brother and the memories of their hot one-night stand isn't so easy. Even tougher is the excitement he still feels. after ten years for the man he left behind.

For ten years Dalton Rainey hasn't forgotten the pain of Jared walking out on him or the passion of their one night stand. His brother's wedding gives him the ideal opportunity for revenge on his one-time lover. He has the perfect plan. Bring Jared to his knees with pleasure, and leave him there.

The best laid plan quickly goes awry as both men discover time hasn't changed their feelings. But old hurts and fears still divide them. Only by setting aside their past can they have a future that fills the gaps in their souls.

Stay tuned for a release date!

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