Friday, July 20, 2007

Cover for The Rememdiu!

Check out the gorgeous cover for my July 27th release, The Rememdiu! This book is the sequel to The Cost of Eternity!


Roger Malloy devoted his life to the Secret Service until one assignment gone wrong destroyed his career. Little did he know how the chain of events started by his contact with Lorcan MacKenna would end. Now on the wildest ride of his life, Roger finds himself drawn to a strange trio of people claiming to be immortal vampire hunters.

Adria spent the last four hundred years looking for the Rememdiu, the one person capable of destroying the night demons, only to find a very uncooperative Roger Malloy. Although she knows he has the genetic makeup to be the cure to the scourge of vampires, convincing him is harder than she expected. Her men are more than willing to help her persuade him in any way necessary. Unknown to her is Roger’s true nature and the real meaning of the cure.

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