Saturday, July 21, 2007

Romance Writers of America Conference!

Even almost a week later, I’m still worn out from all the activities but I wouldn’t have missed it. I was able to spend time with my friends, Delilah Devlin, Myla Jackson, Layla Chase, Eve Savage and Megan Kerans. Delilah, Myla, Layla and I shared a room. Completely by accident, Eve and Megan ended up in the adjoining room next door. We had a big slumber party! No pranks ensued although there was talk of painting Delilah’s face with all kinds of makeup when she fell asleep early on Saturday but unfortunately, she’s a light sleeper.

Wednesday was very interesting. One of Delilah’s publisher, Avon Red, had contacted her regarding a television interview with a local reporter. Wednesday morning our whole group accompanied her to a local coffee shop where we watched Mike Castellucci of WFAA-TV work his magic. To see the final result, check out the video at this link. ( If you check the background, you’ll see part of Delilah’s Posse in the background.

My first print title, The Cost of Eternity, was released in time for the National Literacy book signing. Wednesday night was amazing. Over 450 authors autographing books for charity! The event raised over $56,000. The authors are seated alphabetically so my friend and critique partner, Megan Kerans, was right next to me. On the other side of her would have been Sherrilyn Kenyon except she was signing as Kinley MacGregor so she was in the “m” section. We had fun directing traffic for her! She was all dressed up in a long gown and a hat with a huge black swan on it. She was gorgeous!

When confused looking people wandered up, we would ask them, “Are you looking for Sherrilyn?” Imagine my surprise when one woman said “No, I’m looking for you!” I squealed like a silly schoolgirl! LOL I sold a total of seven books, which is excellent for a new author in a venue with so many famous names. I also met my LJ and Gateworld friend, Sela, who I’ve known online for over three years but never seen in person. She went to dinner with us after the signing and we had a blast.

I met several editors and one agent I’m interested in submitting work. I met tons of authors I know from online but haven’t had the chance to meet. My roomies and I got in some excellent brainstorming so I have a few new projects to work on now.

On the Monday before I left for Dallas, I recieved word from my Ellora's Cave editor. Hidden Force, a new m/m contemporary romance, was accepted! Woo hoo! Another sale! That's four books with Ellora's Cave now.

While I was at National, I recieved the cover to my Wild Rose Press short story, Double Deutsch! Quite yummy! Although there are two men in this one, they don't play with each other! *cackle* I know, people are in shock. Me writing somethine without male/male sex! But it's true! It is, however, a menage a trois... *arches eyebrows* Here's the cover. It's part of the Destination Pleasure series. The series lauched in June with Desiree Holt's Made in Mexico. The second one is by Eve Savage, Wicked in Wales, and was released this week. There will be a new story each third Thursday of the month for at least nine months. I think there were nine original stories. They may add more later. Double Deutsch comes out November 21st.

So all in all, it was a wonderful week. I'm still recovering but I have to get my posterior moving and out of the house. Diamond State Romance Authors meets today. As President, it's best I show up. LOL Especially when we've scheduled our "National roundup" to go over the conference!

Later all! Have a wonderful weekend!


Anna J. Evans said...

Congrats Shayla :). Sorry I missed the meeting this month. Too many kids at home and the hubs felt I"d had my fill of romance-landia for the month.

Good to see you at conference,

Anna j. Evans

Shayla Kersten said...

I figured it was something like that... Kids and conference overload. That's okay. We made you chair of the nominating committee for elections...


Just kidding...