Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Double Deutsch Releases Today!

Double Deutsch, book 6 in the Destination Pleasure series, is up at the
Wilder Rose section of the garden! h
ttp:// This is my first published foray into straight sex! If you can call a menage straight sex!

Sensual Reads & REviews said "Double Deutsch is a sexy read from start to finish. Shayla Kersten does a wonderful job of setting the scene and putting the reader in the room with the action. Anyone who enjoys reading ménage trios is sure to love this book."

Double Deutsch


Needing a fresh start after her husband divorces her for a younger woman, advertising exec, Catherine Lakeland, takes a position in Germany. Curious about sex with a man other than her husband but wary of the complications of a relationship, Cat trades places with her new friend, a sex worker at a brothel, for one night of pleasure but double the fun.


Catherine Lakeland stared at her reflection in the full-length mirror. The sheer red flowing robe didn't leave much to the imagination. Neither did the matching silk push-up bra or the tiny thong. "I can't do this."

"Yes, you can, Cat." Geli's amusement flowed with her musical German accent. Her sure hands stroked a hairbrush through Cat's long auburn hair.

"This isn't me." Cat shook her head at the two women in the mirror.

"It can be." Geli rested her chin on Cat's shoulder.

Their eyes met in the reflection. "Look at you. If I had your face and figure, I could make a fortune."

Cat tried to see herself without her natural humility. She did have nice hair. Long, thick, dark with hints of red, she'd always considered it her best feature. Her face was round with regular features, although her hazel eyes often garnered compliments. Her body, on the other hand, she couldn't get past the excess of curves around her stomach and hips. Her ex-husband made it perfectly clear she was overweight. Of course, the skinny bitch he'd left her for showed exactly what he thought of her body.

"I'm fat." Cat shook her head. "And too short."

"You are sexy with pleasing curves. Trust me-men will be flocking to your window tonight."

Her window. Geli's window in the Hamburg Laufhaus. What the hell was a nice American divorcee doing in a brothel in Germany?

"Just think of it as acting a role, my friend. One you've wanted to play for years." The mirror reflected Geli's Teutonic fair-haired blue-eyed good looks.

Cat snorted laughter. "I don't remember dreaming about being a sex worker."

"Ah, but you dreamed about a man other than your husband. Tonight, you will have one." Her smile widened to a grin. "Or more."

A shiver shook Cat's body. An ache started deep in her pussy. She missed sex. Her ex-husband had made her feel wonderful in bed. Unfortunately, outside the bedroom, he was a total shit.

After eight years of marriage to her high school sweetheart and only lover, she wanted to know sex with someone other than him. Except she wasn't ready for a relationship. The ink was barely dry on her divorce decree.

Geli gave her a quick hug then moved away. "Now, everything you need is here." She walked over to the nightstand next to the bed and opened a drawer. "Condoms, lube, toys..." Holding up a long, thick dildo, she wagged it at Cat. "All sterilized after each use." She dropped it back in the drawer but left the condoms and lube on the nightstand. "There are restraints in the bathroom closet if you are so inclined, or your customer is."

Shaking her head, Cat laughed. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach while tingles of a different nature swept through her body. "I think not."

"Then I'll leave you to get on with it. Have fun." With a wave of her hand and a grin, Geli left the tiny room.

Turning in a circle, Cat surveyed her surroundings. The wide bed was the centerpiece of the room. Covered by a black satin comforter, Cat tried to imagine herself splayed out, legs open, a strange man between her thighs. Her pussy walls clenched, and warm cream dampened her panties.

The only other furniture was the infamous nightstand, complete with supplies. Two pale wood doors led from the room, one to the hallway and one to the bathroom. Paintings of flowers graced two walls, one a vase of wildflowers and one of roses. Nothing about the room indicated its true
purpose, sex for sale.

This was Geli's "office." Her strange friendship with the German sex worker was little more than a month old. Cat moved to Germany after her divorce was final three months ago. The advertising company she worked for had a position open, and Cat needed a fresh start. A match made in heaven.

At lunch one day in a crowded restaurant, Geli had asked to share her table. They struck up a conversation and now, Cat was in Geli's room at a brothel about to sell herself for the experience of being with a man other than her ex-husband.

She could hear voices through the open window. All she had to do was draw back the curtains and her adventure would begin.

"I can do this. I want to do this." From the first time Geli talked about her work, Cat had been fascinated. Fantasies of strange men plowing her aching center with long hard cocks filled her dreams, no strings, no risk of emotional ties. Her constant stream of questions ended with Geli issuing a challenge.

Cat threw back her shoulders and took a deep breath. "I will do this."

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