Monday, September 15, 2008

A Little Is Better Than None...

Some more progress--though it's slow.

I quit smoking a little over two months ago. July 3rd, actually. I'm beginning to wonder if the lack of cigarettes has affected my ability to concentrate. I say the lack of cigarettes because I was on the patch for the first six weeks so it wasn't lack of nicotine. I still have stories running around in my head but I can't seem to sit still long enough to write. Or I sit too still and fall asleep. *cackle* My sleep cycles have been totally whacked since I quit as well.

I'm not going to start smoking again. As much as I need to write, my health needs to take priority. I don't have any contracted deadlines pending so the only urgency is in my self-imposed schedule. I just need to retrain my brain but the old adage about teaching old dogs comes to mind.

EC Novella

The story now has a tentative title and at almost 15k, it's shaping up to end maybe a little short of 18k. But that's fine.

Now I need to do some Evil Day Job stuff. I'm working from home this morning since I have a job interview at 10AM. It's a lot closer to home (58 miles roundtrip rather than 108 roundtrip) but I'd be taking a pay cut. Of course, since the Evil Day Job may go away on its own, a small pay cut would be better than no pay at all! *cackle*

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