Monday, December 22, 2008

A Cold & Lazy Monday!

Well, I guess instead of bitching about the horribly cold weather, I could be happy I didn' t have to go anywhere today! Talked to my friend at the old day job. The temp was 15 when she left her house this morning. When she left her house, I was curled up under the covers with a dog keeping my feet warm and two cats sleeping on my side!

I did get about 600 words done today. Not much but more than yesterday!

I have some crazy ideas bouncing around for a new series but I have to work through some issues with it. Like, do I want it to be something to sub mainstream or gay, erotic or not. I'm finally thinking of doing something scifi. I mean, I've been a scifi geek since I was a child watching the original run of Star Trek (Yes, the original series--I'm really old.) You'd think I would have attempted something scifi by now. The closest I came to scifi was submitting a synopsis and sample chapters to an open call to Fandemonium Books in 2004 for the Stargate SG1 books. Still haven't gotten a rejection for that! Not really counting on hearing from them at this point.

I'm off to bed now. I'm aiming for at least 2k words tomorrow.

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