Thursday, January 22, 2009

Revisions Are Done!

My editor requested some changes on a recent submission. I just finished the changes and shipped out the story! *le big sigh* I celebrated with a piece of chocolate cake and some yummy vanilla ice cream! Of course, now I'm freezing. *cackle*

The evil day job that won't go away (EDJTWGA) needs me for three days next week and probably five for the week after. Plus the CFO of the divisions we sold last year has contracted me for some help tomorrow. Some serious cutting into writing time. But the money will be most welcome.

My dryer died the other day. I tossed some heavy shirts and a pair of jeans in the dryer on Monday and ceased to pay attention until I noticed the dryer was silent. Didn't remember the buzzer going off but that wouldn't be unusual. I get into a story and I might not hear an explosion outside my window. So I grabbed some hangers and ran to get the clothes out before they wrinkled. (My momma says that long funny shaped table and the bookend with an eletrical cord will get rid of the wrinkles but I'm not sure I believe her.)

First sign something was wrong. The light in the dryer was out. Oh, and the clothes weren't really dry. My mind was still in my story so I kind of skimmed over the light thing and tried to turn the dryer back on. That's when I noticed how hot the top of the dryer was. Still, I checked the fuse box to make sure that wasn't the problem. It wasn't. So I wrestled the dryer out of it's tight spot and unplugged it. I think it missed the old washer. It died in the fall. Well, as soon as I get a check from somebody--anybody--I have to buy a dryer. Bummer...

Oh, and an update on my wayward cat, Princess. Remember, she found another family who evidently feeds her better? Well after passing the holidays with me--still convinced the other family was out of town--she comes home once in a while. She spent a weekend here a couple of weeks ago. But the other day was just hysterical! Because of her jaw injury, she gets wet food every day. Because I can't afford enough wet food to feed everyone, Princess was fed in the bathroom behind closed doors. She showed up out of nowhere, wasn't even crying for food, just sitting on the bathroom vanity. I petted her some then fed her. As soon as she finished, she jumped down and wanted out of the bathroom. I opened the door and she ran straight for the cat door then scampered back over to her other family's house. I tell, I felt so used! *cackle* Stupid cat.

Well, I'm going to enjoy USA channel's repeats of NCIS. Mark Harmon is such a fox with that silver hair!

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Anonymous said...

NCIS is also in CBS tonight! Rerun but still, Gibbs=yum

Sounds like Princess has it pretty damn good!