Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Quick Update!

Seems I haven't posted in a while. AGAIN! I don't know how I get so far behind. I try to read blogs every day but I can't seem to write my own! LOL

So, this week went by in a flash and a half! The weather was a biyotch for part of the week. We had ice on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon started warming. Today, I think we hit 70 degrees. Arkansas weather is a total pain.

This week I worked on a query and synopsis for Harlequin Blaze. I mailed it Saturday. *crosses fingers* I've been rejected by Harlequin twice already--once by Romantic Suspense and once by Spice. Let's see if third time's a charm!

Today, I've concentrated on a concept, world building and synopsis for a scifi series. This series will not be erotic, nor gay. Not to say there won't be sex scenes or gay characters. Scifi has always more explicit sex than mainstream novels. Plus gay characters aren't unusual in scifi. But I want to do something with more mainstream appeal. I probably won't use my Shayla name but I don't think I'll be keeping the new name a secret.

The big plan is to polish this sucker to death then work on getting an agent. We'll see. I have an appointment with an agent at a conference the first weekend in March. By then I want the premise (blurb), synopsis and about 25k words of book one done. Plus, I'd like a premise for at least book two and three. In my head, I have ideas for the second book. Just need to think that one through so I can come up with book three. The characters in book one will probably show up in book three. I also need a snazzy name for the series. So confused! LOL And I've left myself very little time for all of it.

Of course, if I wasn't committed to working for the old day job all this week, I'd have a better chance of getting everything done. Plus I'll be working odd days through February because the audit starts this month.

I'll just have to work harder to get everything done. I have a rough premise and I'm about two chapters into the synopsis now. I plan to do a complete detailed synopsis--nothing I'd send to an editor or agent--like a map of the book for me. Hopefully, I can finish the synopsis this week at night. Writing a synopsis is a lot of "telling" words. Writing the actual book needs "showing" words. Much harder to come up with. Plus I don't need to worry about all the details. If I can finish the synopsis, I can start the book next week when I don't have the day job to deal with.

Oh, and I had a new sale! Ellora's Cave offered for the fourth book in my Eternity series, Fighting for Eternity! We haven't started editing yet so I don't have a release date or anything. Here's the blurb (also unedited):

Searching for a murderous rogue vampire, Watcher Estefan Garza’s life is turned upside down by tragic loss and a surprise from his past. His bone chilling loss is warmed by fires of passion reignited by vampire Karl Brandt.

On a quest to destroy a former friend, Karl is startled by Estefan and his mysterious companions. Karl can’t understand why Estefan hasn’t aged in seventy years. Unwilling to let him leave until Karl discovers the truth, he offers Estefan and his friends refuge and assistance for their common mission.

As a bloody battle for Memphis ensues, Karl and Estefan bond between danger and destruction until all that remains separating them is a fight for eternity.

So there you have it. A short summary of my life. Back to work now! I need a little more to finish the second chapter synopsis!

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