Friday, April 17, 2009

Whose Book Is It, Anyway?

Blogging two days in a row? I know something must be wrong with me! But actually, something is right. I'm always glad to end the week on a high note.

I actually made some progress on the new story for Ellora's Cave. Every book has a main character. Even if there are two main characters as in a romance, one character has more to lose or more to learn. This determines whose book it is! Simple, eh?

Not so. As in the case of my current work in progress. My story started out as Max's book. About 19k words in, I realized I was writing Troy's book. So now, for the first 19k words, I have to edit for continuity with Troy's journey rather than Max's. Sometimes this is harder than just starting a new book. But I like where it's going so I'm going to buckle down with the edits. Or I'm supposed to be. LOL This week has been a blur and I hadn't even opened the file. Today I not only opened it, I worked on it! Woo hoo, me!

I did spend part of the week being productive, just not at writing. The program chair of the Diamond State Romance Authors insisted someone teach a workshop on book trailers. Just because I'm computer savvy doesn't mean I can do trailers. She disagreed. And she can be persuasive. LOL So I started playing around with Windows Movie Maker. Since the class is in May, I did a trailer on my June Ellora's Cave release, Fighting For Eternity. The final result wasn't half bad, if I say so myself!

The cover hasn't been posted on my website yet so this is the premiere of the cover! Check it out.


Searching for a murderous rogue vampire, Watcher Estefan Garzas life is turned upside down by tragic loss and a surprise from his past. His bone-chilling loss is warmed by fires of passion reignited by vampire Karl Brandt.

On a quest to destroy a former friend, Karl is startled by Estefan and his mysterious companions. Karl can't understand why Estefan hasn't aged in seventy years. Unwilling to let him leave until Karl discovers the truth, he offers Estefan and his friends refuge and assistance for their common mission.

As a bloody battle for Memphis ensues, Karl and Estefan bond between danger and destruction until all that remains separating them is a fight for eternity.

Let me know what you think. Does the trailer evoke a sense of the book when paired with the blurb? I feel like the blurb is necessary somewhere with the video. Like an excerpt without a blurb, I feel like there's something left out. Doing the entire blurb in the video would make it longer. I like shorter. What do you like? I'd love some opinions on book trailers in general so I can work them into my workshop. Some people watch them, some don't like them and won't bother. Some authors think trailers boost sales, and some think it doesn't but it's part of branding. I love to hear more readers views on the subject!

Well, I'm starving so I'm off to fix food. I really wish I could afford a cook. And a maid. Definitely a maid because housework sucks. *cackle*

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Savannah Chase said...

oh the book sounds sooooooooo good and I love the trailer....