Friday, November 13, 2009

Ready to Rumble at Barnes & Noble!

I'm having a bit of a laughing fit. As in really falling over laughing. This post is supposed to be about the joint book signing at the Little Rock Barnes & Noble on Saturday, November 14 from 6:00-8:00 PM. Authors signing will be Delilah Devlin, Sandra Jones, Shada Royce, Anna J. Evans (aka Annaliese Evans) and me! *grins* Myla Jackson was supposed to be signing as well but she couldn't make it. *pouts*

So I popped over to the B&N Event website to check out the wording of the event (Things Are Heating Up at Barnes & Noble). Make sure I got it right. I'm old. I forget things. So anyway... I notice there are two events on Saturday. First on the list is the book signing.

Author Event (Romance)
Saturday November 14, 2009 6:00 PM
More about this event

Next is this...

The LR Christian Academy will be at B&N for an all day event highlighting their school. (Which is, from everything I've heard, an excellent Christian school.) However, we can only hope they leave before the erotic romance writers show up...

I wonder if the B&N event manager noticed the irony of the day's programs. Should be interesting. Watch the news for any rumbles breaking out in a Little Rock bookstore! This idea puts all kind of strange images in my mind. Like Saturday Night Live's Church Lady flailing her purse and chasing the naughty authors--especially the one that writes the gay stuff. Oh noes, sounds like a possible scene in a book. *cackle* *snort* *falls off bed*

Come and see us and find out!


Minime said...

That would hilarious. I could just see some of the women shaking their fingers and turning their noses up. At least on the outside. On the inside they would probably be thinking "When I can go over there without the other ladies seeing me? I really would like to talk to Shayla Kersten about when her next book is coming out. I just love her stories."

Regina Carlysle said...

LMAO...OMG, what was the B&N manager THINKING???? I have the news shows on all the time. If I see any 'breaking news' from Little Rock, I'll let you know!!!!! SNICKER.

Chris said...

You WILL report back to us, right? For those of us who live, say, in Minneapolis, MN, and won't be able to attend this event?

Shayla Kersten said...

LOL @ Minime! Yes, I imagine there'd be a few who want to check out our books. Would be funny if someone was brave enough!

@Regina - I'm not sure if the same person sets up author events that sets up other stuff. Of course, someone might have done it on purpose. Great publicity when the rumble starts! *cackle*

@Chris - Yes! B&N has free wi-fi. I always have my mini with me. I'll probably be updating Twitter as we go! LOL

Ari Thatcher said...

How funny! You really would think they'd pay better attention. What if the readers are still around? Good luck with the sale, either way!

Allie Standifer said...

We'll have the National Guard on standby in case you get frisky :)

Nina Pierce said...

OMG! The manager of the Barnes and Noble didn't really think that one through now did they? Though I'm with Minime, I suspect those ladies will be thinking exactly those thoughts. :D Have an awesome time. With that lineup of authors it's bound to be fun.

Anonymous said...

****Nearly dies!*****

Coming from a background of once being a licensed chaplain and Youth leader - I winced when I read that.

I mean, is this particular Barnes and Noble run by crack smoking monkeys?

However, I want to be there! With A DEEP PURPLE PASSION!

The author line up is great - with all of you, the whole romance spectrum is covered! You know what else will be covered? The author table with all those hot, steamy and delicious covers of couples in the throes of amore'

("Mommy? Why are those two men touching each other like that on the book?")

Better yet:

("Daddy, when I grow up, I want a guy just like he has on that book!")

Oh my! So hilarious! It's like watching a trainwreck about to happen... I can't turn away to save my soul!

When did I become so evil?

Now Shayla, with you representing the M/M romance, this is your golden opputurnity to let your fabulous freak flag fly! (Yes, you can do that and still retain your professionalism!) Do it for me!!!

My parting advice? If anyone of those Warriors comes over, speaking in tongues and laying hands on you to cast out the demon spirits - offer them your most erotic m/m romance book for free -- I promise they will leave!

Good Luck girlfriend! I will be with you in spirit! (GAWD I WANNA GO SO BAD!)

Anny Cook said...

Had to chuckle when I read this. I was at our local Borders in late October when they had their Hallowe'en deal for kids. Good grief! You never saw so many kids!

Please do report back on your event!

Cai said...

Wow, can't wait to hear all about how things go!!

Do keep us updated.

Talya Bosco said...

Hehehe That is just so wrong on so many levels.
You definitely need to let us know what happens. Too bad Little Rock is too far away to drive.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'd take some toys just in case. LOL. Nothing says 'rush out the door' to really religious people that I know than the sight of a vibrator. LOL!!!! You know that saying the pen is mightier than the sword? Wonder how a bright pink dildo would hold up to a bible. LOL! In a debate you could tell them you love all of God's creatures too and hold up a rabbit (I know they come in bright pink and purple and reds...LOL)

Okay. I'll go away laughing now, shaking my head at that Manager who probably won't have a job come the 15th. LOL.