Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Reviews for Gaps In Your Soul!

I'm a little behind on posting new reviews! Check out all the great ones for Gaps In Your Soul! And visit my website for more at!

Rating: 5 Stars
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Reviewer: Heather M Nestorick

Excerpt of Review: Gaps In Your Soul by Shayla Kersten is marvelous! Miss Kersten has taken issues we face today and crafted a wonderful love story out of it. I fell in love with Jared and Dalton and could feel their emotions as they struggled with everything they were feeling. Gaps In You Soul is a page turner that ended to quickly!!!

Two Lips Reviews
Rating: 5 Kisses
Heat Level: 1 Pepper
Reviewer: Kerin

Excerpt of Review: I simply need to say, rush immediately and get your copy of Gaps In Your Soul. Why? It’s amazing. Dalton’s sexual aggression is hot, sexy and exactly what Jared needs to break free of his inhibitions. Jared is a good man, strong and caring yet scared of his feelings. Their connection is deep, sweet and completely heart melting. The love scenes are some of the hottest and emotion-charged ones that I’ve ever read. Shayla Kersten has penned a poignant and absolutely fantastic story that you’ll regret if you miss.

Rating: La Petite Mort!
Heat Level: E-rotic
Reviewer: Kate Garrabrant

Excerpt of Review: GAPS IN YOUR SOUL is a top notch read. Jared suffers horribly from the Iraq war and the constant mental and physical pain. Dalton’s crush for Jared has become all consuming and when these two finally give in to their emotions, it is very sensual and touching. Shayla Kersten has written and incredible story about forgiveness and present day issues that were handled in such a way that would bring a tear to anyone’s eye. The romance between Jared and Dalton is just plain beautiful to read. Kudos to Ms. Kersten for her imagination and inventive storytelling.

Joyfully Reviewed
Reviewer: Sabella

Excerpt of Review: Gaps in Your Soul is an awesome book about missed opportunities and finding the courage to reach out for what you want. Jared and Dalton are both very wonderful men, especially when they are acting like idiots and you want to smack them for it. Watching Jared find the courage to admit to others his love for Dalton is both heart-wrenching and exhilarating. I cheered for Jared and Dalton from the very beginning of the book and when they finally come together the explosion will singe you. Gaps in Your Soul will grip you in ways that make you live the emotional journey along with Jared and Dalton. Read Gaps in Your Soul when you are looking for a little bit of angst and passion along with love between two hot men; you won’t be disappointed!

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