Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where's August going?

What do you mean it's August 9th? Where has this month gone? Of course, I shouldn't complain. The faster we get August over with the better! Here in Arkansas, we've had a mild summer up until now. Temperatures in June and July never topped the hundred degree mark. Unusual for this part of the country. Most of August so far has been 100F plus and the morning weather report just showed a seven day forcast with nothing but 100 to 102. Throw in the humidity and the weather feels like it's 5-10 degrees hotter.

But since I'm not an outdoor kind of girl, I hide in my air conditioned house and write through the hot months! And write I have been! I finished a three chapter proposal for Tor on the first. Two other authors and I are submitting a series proposal for three books in the same universe. As soon as they finish their chapters, we'll ship it off then we get to sit back and wait.

Once I had the Tor chapters out of the way, I started back on the sequel to Thirty Days, tentatively titled Forever. In April, I'd written about a chapter but had to put it aside for another story. I decided to change the focus of the plot so I edited accordingly. I finished the changes by last weekend then started writing fast and furious. Since Saturday, I've added another 10k words, or about three chapters. I'm up to 13.5k and I'm targeting the length at 25-30k. Since the weekend is going to be another scorcher, I hope to add another 7-8k. I want this one finished by the 19th.

After that, well, Ellora's Cave has a new themed series with stories about older women and younger men. The voices are screaming for me to work on an idea I have for that! But I have to finish Forever first! Yes, that would mean a m/f story.

Well, I need to get moving. The dratted day job is expecting me to show up!


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