Sunday, December 23, 2007

A *headdesk* Moment

The past week has been very busy. Lots of stuff going on at the dratted day job, craziness with the family and the upcoming holiday... Just busy in general plus I've not been feeling up to par. I think I'm fighting off the "crud going around". I haven't had more than a few minutes to work on my new story. The ideas are there but the time to sit in front of the computer and actually write hasn't been. So tonight, I was thrilled to be able to spend some time actually writing!

Until Rusty, my orange striped cat, decided the power cord to the laptop was something fun to play with. At first, I thought he'd just pulled it free of the connector. Nah, wasn't that easy. The little pain in the posterior actually bit into the cord! A tiny pin hole but enough for the laptop to go to battery power. There was much cursing and yelling in the Kersten household.

I have a Dell computer so I know I can order a new one. Of course, with it being nearly 11 PM on a Sunday night, I couldn't expect a new cord to ship tonight. Even if it shipped tomorrow, with next day air, it wouldn't arrive until Wednesday because of the Christmas holiday on Tuesday. So I searched and to see if either showed a compatible power cord. Nope, couldn't be that easy. So I order the cord from Dell with next day air, almost $90, and after I place the order it shows an expected ship date of 12/26. More screaming in the Kersten household.

My next thought is to use duct tape on the cord. Maybe if I seal the puncture, the cord will work, at least until I get the new one. No duct tape, only Scotch tape. So I try it. No such luck. Not a good seal.

Okay... I pull out the old laptop and check the power cord. Not the same. Okay. I start up the old laptop. I figure I can email my WIP to myself and work on the old lappy. While it's booting up, my gaze fell on the clear fingernail polish sitting on my night stand. Hmmmm.....

So the new lappy is charging with a jury rigged patch on the cord. The old lappy is charging in case the new one stops. And I'm going to run my backup on the new lappy just in case fingernail polish isn't compatible with electrical cords.This is a true *headdesk* moment.

If I don't make it back online tomorrow, Merry Christmas to all! I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday!


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