Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Lines Meme

Gacked from [info]moonshayde on LiveJournal.

Post the first lines from your last 20 13 stories and look for patterns

1. At five minutes to closing, Morin Lansing flipped off the ‘open’ sign and store window lights then stormed across the store to the dressing room. (SL)
2. The night air teased Jamila’s skin through the fine linen robe. (KC)
3. Chen Jin Tai’s heart stopped as he read the letter. (DH)
4. Richard Taylor’s headlights found the state trooper’s cruiser sitting in the dark, off the road and waiting for speeders. (AHH)
5. Serena Whitmore stood behind a two-way mirror. (LFE)
6. Paul Loughton checked his reflection in the mirror. (PL)
7. Cavan woke in a cold sweat. (F)
8. Catherine Lakeland stared at her reflection in the full-length mirror. (DD)
9. The young man groaned as his brutalized flesh hit the icy pavement. (HF)
10. Roger Malloy could see the empty gauge flashing on his career. (TR)
11. Jared North nudged his car into the right lane of Interstate 35. (GIYS)
12. The young Asian woman stood silent, watching him. (TCOE)
13. Biton Savakis hungered. (TD)

I used all my contracted works. The first one isn't announced yet but what the hey! As for patterns... I like mirrors. I have three mentioned (#5, #6 & #8). And full names. Eight of those mentioned. And actually it should be nine. In #2, the character doesn't have a last name...yet. *cackle*

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