Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Report Card!

Princess found a new toy. At least she can't drag this one in through the pet door like she did a dead chipmunk the other day.

My cats are crazy. And distracting. But they weren't the reason for my lack of words this week.

Once again, I spent the entire week at the evil day job. I'm officially up to 30 hours a week except when I'm needed for more. This week I was needed more. *shrugs* But I'll average it out so I'll probably have some extra days off at the end of the month.

My official goals for the week were:

1) Finish TnC#4.
2) Come up with a title for TnC#4.
3) Write synopsis/blurb for TnC#4.

And I did finish! Yay! But today. All my writing this week was accomplished yesterday and today. So there's no synopsis/blurb yet. No title either. I wanted to start self-edits this afternoon but yard work has once again worn me out. My EDJ schedule this week is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully, I'll get through a couple of passes on self-edits Tuesday. Right after I mow the yard.

I cut low hanging tree limbs and ones too close to the roof, planted my big flowerbed in front and watered this weekend but just didn't get around to mowing.

I need more plants in the flowerbed. I'll have to see what's on sale this week.

Lots of sad stuff happened this week. Not to me personally, but a flash flood killed 19 people camping in Arkansas. Most people around here are in a state of shock. There but for the grace of God...

Also associate editor Alyssa Smith of Hearst Books lost her beloved birds and her home to a devastating fire on Tuesday. The writing community has come together rendering aid and comfort where they can. Every little bit adds up. More information on the fire and what people can do to help is located here: Once again, there but for the grace...

We never know when or where tragedy will strike. All we can do is live each day as if it were our last and make sure it was a truly great day!

My goals for this week:

1) Self-edits
2) Synopsis/Blurb
3) Title
4) Live life to the fullest!

Have a great week, folks! And remember, life is a journey not a destination!


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Calisa said...

Beautiful garden Shayla. Alas, I do not, nor do I hold hope, of getting a flower bed in any time soon. We 'reorganized' the yard boundaries so now my eat-everything-not-nailed-down, and-some-stuff-that-is Boxer, Cherokee has free reign of the entire yard for now. Yeah, that means no flowers (she'll definitely eat those). I have the opportunity to get some day lilies and irises, but where to put them has become the issue. I still want them..

Praying for those who lost loved ones in the flood, and for Alyssa's loss. Thank you for sharing that and the link.

My goals this week:
1. finish polishing first 3 chapters and synopsis for partial requested
2. finish crits for my lovely cp group.
3. Get said chapters mailed to Charles Griemsman at Silhouette Special Edition! And Knight Agency, agent Lucienne Diver!

Good luck with your goals.