Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Report Card Or Can We Try Again Next Week?

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Last week's goals seemed so simple...

1) Revise!
2) Resubmit!

Well... Most of this week was a serious washout. Or a pain in the ass. Or some combination of both...

I did a home sleep study test on Monday night hoping for answers to my inability to sleep more than an hour at a time. Forked over $350 for the test because it's cheaper than the overnight lab study. The doctor received the results on Wednesday. Yes, I have sleep apnea. Yes, I need a CPAP machine. Hey, I'll try anything at this point. The doctor's office said someone will call me about the machine.

Wednesday afternoon, I get a call but the little girl on the other end of the line seems to be talking at cross odds with me. Finally, I realize she's trying to set me up with another sleep study and not just an appointment for a CPAP machine. For another $500. Uh, no. Already took the test at home. But she keeps insisting this is the only way they can get the pressure readings needed for the machine. Uh, still no. Already did that.

I called my doctor--by now it's already five o'clock--and left a message. The nurse calls back at 7:45 the next morning. Her answer was the same as mine. Uh, no, already took the test. She gives the the number to a medical supply place. She'll fax an order in to them. Great! Finally getting somewhere.

But then when I get in touch with them, they try to tell me a CPAP machine will be $1600. Again, that would be a no. I don't have $1600 to lay out especially when I know where I can get them cheaper.The girl on the other end seems stunned at my "just say no" attitude. Get real, chickie. You're talking to a menopausal woman who hasn't had a good night's sleep in at least six months. You people are lucky I don't lunge through the phone and take a pound of flesh from your ass!

She insisted on trying to see what they could do but she'd have to talk to her supervisor. And she'd call me back. Famous last words. That was Thursday morning. No call back.

Tomorrow, I'm calling my doctor. I want a prescription for a CPAP machine and a copy of the test results. I'll find my own damn machine. I also want a prescription for sleeping pills in the meantime. I should get what I want. He, of all people, understand how cranky I am. And how hormonal.

Oh, and instead of working three days last week, I had to work four. And I wrapped up Friday with a deer trying to hit me. I outran it but it banged against the back of my car. Thank goodness, no visible damage.

Oh, and the revise and resubmit. I'm still working on it, however, I received unofficial but very reliable word that the editor who requested it is no longer with that publisher. ARGH!!!!

So you see why I want to try again?

The good parts to last week? Yes, there were some...

I came up with a great way to strengthen the story I'm revising. And I will continue to revise even though I'm not sure what to do about the resubmitting. Now that the ideas are in my head, I need to incorporate them into the story. I added 2100 words, mostly on Tuesday and today. Although I spent a lot of today napping. I have to play catchup at some point in my sleep or I'm liable to snap. I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday. Hopefully I can wrap up the changes by then.

My writing buddy, Brandi Evans, has my 4th Tennessee cop story for critique. Hopefully, I'll get the revisions back before she gets finished with the crit. I still need a title as well as blurb/synopsis for the submission packet.

Saturday, Delilah Devlin, her daughter and granddaughter plus Brandi Evans and I went to the Arkansas Arts Center exhibit, World of the Pharaohs. Fabulous exhibit. I wrote for a little while at Starbucks while I waited on them. We all went to lunch then the exhibit. Afterward, Brandi and I had coffee at Starbucks and talked through a story idea of hers. Sounds great and I can't wait to read it.

While most of the week sucked, the weekend made up for some of it.

I I'm doing the 50k words-in-a-month challenge of JulNoWriMo-a play on the November Novel Writing Month. I need something to force me to focus. I plan to write two novellas--Angel Moon 3 and Tn Cop #5. I have both plotted. I just need to get past the revisions so I can move on to something new and shiny!

So the goals for this week:

1) Finish revising.
2) Figure out what to do about the resubmitting... *le sigh*
3) Start Angel Moon 3.

Hope ya'll have a fantastic week!


katsrus said...

Sure hope you can get some sleep. I sure know about the menopause thing. It drives me crazy. And sleeping straight through forget about it. I wish I could sleep like that kitty you posted a picture of. LOL. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Brinda said...

I sympathize with you....I am a mean, mean person without enough sleep. Hope you have a great weekend with lots of writing and sleep.

southernbelle825 said...

hi! i just used your 'contact' link to send you a message, but in case you don't get it, i was just wondering who did your home sleep study? was it a central AR company? i am looking for one. thanks!

Rachel Lynne said...

Girl! You need a "mulligan". Sending a gift basket full of "do overs" your way and prayers this is a better week!
Oh, and how did you do with the romantic cont. you were working on for Bootcamp? I kept looking for your plotline posts but they never came through; now that I've read about your week I can guess why :)
Gather the kitties and snuggle, always makes me feel better!