Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday Report Card...zzzzzzzzz


I'm running a little late posting my report card tonight. Mainly because I passed out earlier. Almost ready to pass out again now. Long, hot--very hot--day. And not hot in a good way!

The temperature around here has gone ballistic. Today's high was 104F with heat indexes as high as 121F. Not a day to spend in the heat. Or without air conditioning. But I'll get to that in a minute.

My week ended up devoted to all things NOT writing. My two days off during the week were spent on doctor appointments and Granny stuff. I knew that going into the week. The weekend was supposed to be devoted to all things writing!

Yesterday I did critiques for two different friends. In between, I took the time to watch A Single Man with Colin Firth. I admit. I have a thing for Colin Firth. Yes, like so many others, it started with A&E's version of Pride & Prejudice.

A Single Man was a bit slow moving in the beginning but it picked up and kept me watching. Although I guessed the ending about ten minutes in, I wanted to watch the rest of it just in case they pulled a twist on me. They didn't. But it was still an interesting movie. But depressing. And I didn't want to end my only DVD watching in months with depressing!

So I put on Mama Mia. I just love that movie. You can't feel depressed after all that insanity and fabulous music. Yes, I was an ABBA fan way back when. You wanna make something of it? *cackle*

So I finished my DVD watching for the next couple of months then did the second critique. Pretty much finished my Saturday. Except when I talked to Momma that evening, she mentioned Granny needed groceries. Since I was going to LR today to write, I volunteered to pick up groceries and drop them off. Oh, and since I was going to LR anyway, I volunteered to take the stuff my mother put together for Niece and her girlfriend for their new digs.

Car loaded, grocery list in hand, I headed to LR. I called Niece on the way to ask directions to the new place. She was at Burger King hanging out. Seems the air conditioner in the trailer wasn't working. The single little window unit in the bedroom wasn't working. They hadn't slept all night because of the heat. The 100+ degree heat...

Well, that ain't gonna work.

Her mother had agreed to buy an air conditioner but the trailer really needs two--one for the main part of the house and one for the bedroom. I got online and found the best buys in the area (Sears) and ordered a 12k BTU for the main part of the house and a 5k BTU for the bedroom. Sister paid for the big one and I for the small one.

Niece and I picked them up, then picked up her girlfriend at work. By the time we got back to the trailer, the temperature was over 100F. The heat index in central Arkansas ranged from 115-121F. The trailer was probably more like 130F. Ugh. Their poor dogs were so hot! And they have a passel of 3-4 week old puppies!

With the girls help, I installed the air conditioners. We had to do a little creative thinking because the bedroom window was non-standard but we managed with the help of a 2x4, strategically placed nails and a towel stuffed in the major crack left behind! LOL The big unit was much easier to install.

Last I heard from the girls, the dogs were all passed out in the nice cold air. And the girls weren't far behind. I told Niece she owed me big time. As in take-care-of-me-when-I'm-old,-feeble-and-need-my-diapers-changed owe me!

I came home, showered and passed out. So much for writing. I woke up a little while ago to check email and post this blog.

I might have managed a couple hundred words this week. I'm not even going to look it up. Not worth the trouble.

This week's goals:

1) Survive heat... (Tomorrow is supposed to hit 105F.)
2) Write something. I'll be happy with 1k words... The evil day job will be all week this week. End of month closing. Blah.

Hope your week was fabulously cool--in all the definitions of cool! I'm headed back to bed.



Regina Carlysle said...

103 here in Texas. GAWD...awful. Unfortunately I was out in this stuff. Not a word to speak of this weekend either. I'm optimistic about next week and hoping for 1K too. I'd be thrilled with it. Much better than the whole six or seven words I did last week. siiiiigh.

Miriam Newman said...

It has even hit 100 here in Pennsylvania--most unusual. Not liking this summer. Actually has been good for writing, since I hide out in my office. Nearing the end of ms.--yes! Take care.

Cara said...

Awfully hot to be without AC. My poor air conditioner is struggling to cool the house. You did a good thing helping your niece, Shayla!

Clark Stone said...

I agree that 104 is a bit too hot. One of the local stations down here have us hitting 106. It felt like it too. Don't care much for the heat index either.

Glad you survived the heat and not suffer heat exhaustion or stroke. Take care of yourself. Hopefully, you'll be able to make time to write between all of the distractions.

Rasha said...

Well, God has finally taken mercy on DC and we finally got a break during the weekend. I was able to open my window for the first time in a month and a half. This comes as a relief after I broke in hives from the heat Wednesday afternoon.

Nevertheless I did not go out, I read some and watched movies, Shutter Island, ah, would not watch it again but it was ok, a mind twister.

I had watched a single man a couple of weeks back and loved it. It is sad but beautiful. I particularly likes the co star, Matthew Goode, he did not appear much but the way he conveys emotions was incredible. I also have a thing for Firth.

katsrus said...

That is way too hot for me! I do not do well in the heat and I need my central air. I get way too crabby. LOL. That was really nice of you and your sister to buy air conditioners. You will be blessed in many ways.
Sue B

Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Regina! The worst this week was 107. It has cooled off for the weekend. Only in the upper 90s. LOL I'm off to the coffee shop today, barring family emergencies, in hopes of getting a few words this week. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi, Miriam! Hard to believe PA got that hot! This weather has been insane! Hope you cooled off some. Thanks for posting!

Hiya, Cara! I couldn't let the niece and her g/f suffocate but I think I felt more sorry for the puppies! LOL

Hi, Clark! Thanks for stopping by. I hope things cool off down your way soon.

Hiya, Rasha! The only times I've been to DC it was hot and it's not a friendly city for a heatwave. I liked A Single Man but it was a bit weird. And so sad. Thanks for stopping by!

Hiya, Sue! I hope I'm blessed with a massive cold front! *cackle* My yard is dying, my veggies are already dead and my flowers are on the way out. I can't keep them watered enough. Thanks for stopping by!