Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Another Great Review for The Cost of Eternity!

I've been thrilled at all the wonderful reviews and now there's another one!

5 Angels from Fallen Angels! Teresa at Fallen Angels said:

"Ms. Kersten has once again created a story that is compelling for the reader. The Cost of Eternity is a mixture of erotic scenes with suspense and drama that ensnares the reader until the final word. Watching the birth and growth of the relationship between Lorcan and Kevin is very poignant. Lorcan and Kevin are the missing pieces in each others lives that before now were never completely filled. Lorcan has had relationships in the past, but Kevin’s openness and giving attitude gives him a love he has never found in all the centuries of his life. Kevin never knew what he needed until he met the man of his dreams. Thanks goes to Ms. Kersten for such a wonderful book."

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