Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finished something... Kind of...

I finished a proposal for a novella. I'm going to pitch it to Kensington at the San Antonio conference on May 19th. It's part of a futuristic anthology including Kayelle Allen, Sienna Black and me. If Kensington isn't interested then we'll probably go to LSB or EC.

Here's a basic blurb for Trail of Deception:

As a bounty hunter for TRAIL, Duach Cardiff found himself tangled in a web of corruption that seemed to reach as high as the World government and deep into TRAIL headquarters. Now being tracked by the top assassin from his own agency, Duach needed to find the truth. Just his luck the assassin was also the woman he’d bedded the night before. After some of the hottest sex he’d had in a long time, seeing her as a threat to his life was overshadowed by wanting another chance at her luscious body.

Nephele Talo didn’t believe in love. Sex was just a means of stress relief. And Duach’s hard muscled body had her seriously relaxed. Until she found out he was her next target. The choice of bring him back dead or alive was hers. But wanting him alive to warm her bed again made her slip up. Now she has to find the truth before they both end up dead.

TRAIL stands for Trace, Rescue and Investigation League. It's an official government agency that finds people and when necessary, kills them. It's set a few thousand years in the future when mankind has spread out into the galaxy. The creative mind behind the universe is Kayelle but we're all using it in our stories so it's a related anthology.

Now I need to go work on the other Kensington proposal. It's about a woman who is capable of astral projection (out of body experiences).

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Amie Stuart said...

HOpe I get a chance to meet up with you on Saturday! and good luck with the pitch!