Friday, May 25, 2007

The Romance Studio Reviewed Thirty Days!

Another great review for Thirty Days! Julia at The Romance Studio gave it 4.5 Hearts!

She wrote: "I thought this was a wonderful story that really made me think about what a relationship was between submissives and dominants. Cavan was so desperately and systematically abused with his previous master that it was sometimes hard to read. Through all that, the author was able to convey the feelings that Biton had for him even though Biton was also a dominant, and how much he cared about what happened to Cavan. I thought that the struggle that Biton had controlling his needs and giving Cavan as much space as he could was touching. I liked how the author showed that Cavan was so abused, he didn’t understand what his master was doing, and it caused some problems. This is a touching story that isn’t for the faint at heart because of some of the material it covers and the BDSM involved."

Check out her entire review at The Romance Studio! And read all the reviews on my website!


Anna J. Evans said...

Hmmm....still no link to the Anna blog....I see as I peruse your links...guess we'll be mud wrestling at the June meeting.

Congrats on the great review!


Shayla Kersten said...

Ack! Okay don't hurt me. LOL