Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another Sven Update!

Well, not much in the word count department since Wednesday. Actually, I've lost words! *cackle*

I finished edits on my EC novella, Longing For Eternity, on Thursday and received another round from my editor early this morning. I just emailed this round back to her. *crosses fingers* Usually my edits are minimal but LFE is the third in a series and I'm having trouble balancing necessary backstory for new readers.

Friday and Saturday I worked on self-edits and comments from my CP on a new manuscript. This is where I lost a lot of words. I hope to finish it tonight. I'm almost there. A little tweaking for overuse of a couple of words. Then it's off to EC as well. *crosses toes*

I also received the cover art for Past Lies! Can we say HAWT boys and girls? I'll post a copy here later. And I have a release date--May 28th!

Now I just have to be a good girl and wait patiently for Longing For Eternity's release date. Of course, patience is a virtue and no one ever accused me of being virtuous! *cackle* *snort*


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