Friday, March 21, 2008

Road Trip!

Tomorrow morning, galpal Delilah Devlin and I are off to Memphis for the weekend! "Road trip! Road trip! Road trip!" Officially a research trip for books we're working on set in Memphis, it'll be great spending some time with her. DD and I have known each other for more years than either of us care to admit. *cackle* Until last year, our main source of communication was the internet. Then last summer, she moved back to Arkansas. Yipeee!

Of course, Arkansas is a big state and she's still two hours away but we meet at least once a month for the Diamond State Romance Author meetings. Usually we hit the local Barnes & Noble afterward for coffee, brainstorming and browsing books. Saturday we worked on some details of a fantastic new story she's working on. The story is set in Memphis, hence the road trip for location and ambiance research. And lots of brainstorming. DD is fantastic at helping with story ideas and great plot development!

The story I want to research is also set in Memphis--a paranormal targeted at Harlequin Nocturne. I probably won't start the book until around June. I need to finish a short novella (20k) for a submission to a new publisher plus I want to write the fourth book in the Eternity series for Ellora's Cave. Book 4 will probably be around 50k. So June is about as soon as I can start the Nocturne story.

I took today off from the day job to get a little rest and some writing done before the weekend. Not to mention a little housework and laundry. Momma will be by while I'm gone to check on the critters so the house needs to have the appearance of decent upkeep. *cackle* Not much I can do about the ragged looking yard. With all the rain this week--about 7 inches--my yard is too wet to walk in much less mow.

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