Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on 70 Days of Sweat!

Well, after reporting in Sunday morning with a big fat zero for Saturday, I managed 2100 words on my 20k novella. I started it before March 1st so I'm up to 4100 words.

Monday was a waste! Didn't leave the day job until 6:30 and my hour commute turned into two due to a power pole across the highway. *pouts*

Last night, my Ellora's Cave editor sent me edits on the short novella Longing For Eternity so I've been working on that ms instead of the new one. I think I'm done but I'll give it another read through tomorrow night.

Also last night, my critique partner sent me a ms she'd finished critting so I need to look at that and get it shipped to my editor.

So...I'll probably not get back to writing on the new one until Friday or Saturday. But it's all writing progress!

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Anna J. Evans said...

Why only 70 days? I think I"m going to have to log 362 days of sweat this year, lol.

Hey Shayla!!

Anna J. Evans

Shayla Kersten said...

LOL I should be doing a full year of sweat! 70 days will hopefully kick my ass into gear!