Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Car Repairs & Naughty Writing...

I bought a new car in November. Nothing fancy. Since the day job requires a 100+ mile round trip commute, I don't do expensive cars. I go for good gas mileage and not a lot of money because I'll rack up 30k miles a year and end up with no trade in value by the time I pay it off.

Well, my new little Chevy--now with 8800 miles on it--needed a front end alignment. I know. It shouldn't this soon but it could have something to do with the way I take the curves on the commute. *grins* But that's another story.

Anyway... Yesterday I call the dealership and get an appointment for today. Of course, they don't have weekend hours so I have to miss work. Brilliant idea! I ask if they have wireless internet access. I can log into the office and get some much needed work done! The answer is yes. I should have been more specific. Yes, they have it but no, I couldn't access it. Secured.

So here I am with my computer and a couple hours to kill. Hmmm... I open up my latest WIP and start writing! About the book... it's male/male and it's explicit. Well, duh... But I thought I was safe. I wrote a long sex scene last night. I needed to transition to another scene--one that wasn't erotic. Well, my characters didn't behave. Yep, you guessed it. They wanted more sex. What's a writer to do?

Now, anyone who writes erotic romance will understand the predicament I found myself in. Let's just say if the scene doesn't get the writer hot, it probably won't do it for the readers either. But the muse demanded I keep going!

In spite of the four or five other customers and half a dozen service people wandering in and out of the waiting room, I wrote a scorching 1500 word sex scene while waiting for my car. Then I went and stood in the rain for a little while...

Now, I have a question. Should I acknowledge the dealership in the credits? *cackle*

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