Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Report Card

What I should have done... My goals from last week's post.

1) Mail TDDYP proposal to HQ Intrigue.
2) Sub CI to Samhain. (If CP finishes.)
3) Finish revisions on OOC, send to CP and figure out where to sub. (Progress just not finished and I'll probably sub to Carina Press.)
4) Work the evil day job 16-24 hours.
5) Snoopy dance some more about the Bean Pot Award. *cackle*

Well, this week was a lazy one. Kind of. The evil day job snared me on Monday and Friday. Monday was the third annual Bowling & Burritos outing at the EDJ. The admin staff split up into teams and each team comes up with a team name with appropriate costumes. I was one of the Alley Cats. I really wasn't happy about wearing the ears and tail but at least I wasn't with the pimps and hookers. The other team name was the Pickups. Let's just say the looks we got were interesting. Especially at the Mexican restaurant. I think bowling alleys are better about weird costumes. *cackle* After several beers while bowling and lots of Mexican food, I wasn't worth a dime by the time I got home after 8PM. So no writing on Monday!

Tuesday was another wash out. Kind of. Momma had her last appointment with the cataract surgeon. So long, doctor cutie! LOL Momma's eye healed beautifully. We stopped by her regular eye doc to order new glasses after we ate breakfast at IHOP. By the time we did a little grocery shopping, I didn't get home until late afternoon. However, I was a good girl. I finished up the TDDYP proposal and packaged it up for the mail.

I headed to Little Rock Wednesday and my fav coffee shop. On the way, I dropped the TDDYP proposal in the mail. The temptation to stick my hand in the mailbox to retrieve it was damped by the memory of a stuck hand. We won't go there again. LOL

I worked through revisions on OCC again and kind of finished it. However, I felt like I was lacking something. The story is a menage a quatre (m/m/m/f). On the way home, I figured out there wasn't enough emotion in it. I worked on it once I got home but didn't finish.

The rest of the week went to heck in an Easter basket! LOL Wednesday night, Lil Sis came up to Momma's. I ended up over there on Thursday. Spent the day playing Wii, sitting on the back porch, gabbing and chilling. It was a wonderful lazy day. Some guilt over lack of progress on OOC but I don't get to spend downtime with Momma and Lil Sis much. We're usually out and about.

Friday was the EDJ once again. Saturday, we had Easter dinner early because my youngest brother and his girls couldn't be there on Sunday. Then Sunday, I spent some more time with Momma and Lil Sis and got lazy. Well, not really lazy. My hip was bothering me and I can't type lying down. *shrugs*

So while I didn't make much progress, I did get some done.

Mission accomplished:

1) Mailed off the Harlequin Intrigue proposal.
2) Worked on revisions for OCC
3) Worked evil day job 16 hours.

This week's goals are slim. I'll be at the EDJ most of the week.

1) Finish revisions on OOC and send to CP.
2) Sub CI to Samhain. (If CP finishes.)
3) Blog at the Rainbow Studio on Wednesday.
4) Snoopy dance on Friday when ICING ON THE CAKE releases at Ellora's Cave!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, or Sunday, if you don't celebrate! Have a fabulous week and may you meet all your goals!


Denise said...

Hi Shayla! Love the bowling costume and I can well imagine the looks you got at the Mexican Restaurant! Woo hoo! Bowling and Burritos, what a fun concept. Congrats on getting the proposal into the mail and advanced Happy Dancin' for your new release. Love that cover. I've posed my goals for the week on my livejournal, but it's pretty much the same as usual - Collector's Item - but now it's final edits, so I'm excited. Have a great week and keep up the great work. You keep me fired up.

Riley Quinn said...

Hey Shayla! I got distracted this week as well, and didn't get as much done as I wanted. I look at it this way, though - I am making progress. If I wrote full time with no other commitments, it would be different, but since that isn't the case...

Congrats on getting your proposal out. I've got my fingers crossed for you.