Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Report Card!

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I'm a little late tonight. Mainly because I was actually writing!

So my goals for this past week were:

1) 8k on Angel Moon 2

And I wrote 5346 words. I know. Not 8k but better than I expected with interruptions to my plans. I was shooting for a total of 6k but I distracted myself with browsing online job ads tonight.

I really need to find a full-time day job. Either I suck as a writer or the asshole book pirates have taken a bigger bite out of my royalties than I thought. Going back to work full time appears to be inevitable. If I can find a job. Not many out there. I'm trying to get as much writing done as possible so if I go back, I'll have a few things in the pipeline since my writing time will be seriously curtailed.

Book pirates might not care that what they do is illegal but if they really want to read my books, they have to stop stealing my royalties so I can afford to write. At some point, I might as well quit and concentrate on a day job or two so I can keep paying my bills.

Okay, forget the bummer stuff and back to the report card...

I ended up in Little Rock running errands for Granny one day and in Conway with errands of my own on another. I managed to write a little both days but not as much as I needed. And Friday was almost a complete washout because I tried to give myself a heart attack doing yard work at warp speed. A massive storm moved across the state on Friday and I tried to get everything done before it hit! Dumb! The pain killers make me too drowsy to write! *cackle*

Saturday ended up a day of rest. My little sister came up to Momma's for the weekend. I spent the day there relaxing, laughing and eating too much.

My best writing day was Tuesday. I met Brandi Evans at Starbucks for a morning write-in! I wrote nearly 2k plus figured out the plot to Angel Moon 3! Which I needed to do because I needed to know it so because I need to foreshadow some stuff in Angel Moon 3! LOL

Still 5300 words is pretty good. Plus I did a quick sketch of the plot of one of the next Tennessee Cop stories. I had TnC #4 & #5 lined out already. Now I have #6. After I finish AM2, I'll be working on TnC #4.

This week's goals:

1) Finish Angel Moon 2! (I need about 4-5k words to finish. The end is in sight!)
2) Start book #4 of TN Cops.
3) Work one day for the part-time evil day job.

We'll see how this week goes. I already have to take Granny to the eye doc and the ear doc tomorrow afternoon. I plan to go to the coffee shop early and write until time for her first appointment. I'm meeting Brandi again on Tuesday so my target is to finish AM2 then and do self-edits on Wednesday.

First week of May will be mostly evil day job stuff. I work more hours during the first week of the month than I do the rest of the time. Whatever progress I make this week will need to last me for a while!

Hope ya'll had brilliant progress last week and have a fabulous week this week!



Allie Standifer said...

Over 5K kicks butt! I need the same kick to hit my deadline. Hmm, maybe I should send you some vulgar text to improve my chances of writing? Hey, it could work :)

Lissa said...

You are awesome with your progress! I like your weekly report cards. I might have to institute something like that for myself.

I'm not sure it's all pirates. I'm sure it's a lot of things that are contributing. Yes, file sharing pirates are part of it, but I'm sure loss of jobs and loss of incomes are a big part of it too. I mean, you're right, there are so few jobs out there that money is tight for everyone.

One thing I am very certain of though is you DON'T suck as a writer!

GPS said...

5300 is damn good! Sometimes I feel like I'm moving at a snail's pace. But I sent my edits back a week early so I'm happy. Piracy sucks! We have to keep this conversation going. I think a lot of people really don't know they're doing something illegal and something that really hits us hard. After all didn't we all pass around our paperbacks and thought nothing of it. But it's a whole new world and people need to be made aware.

Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Allie! I'm so behind I'm answering last week's Report Card after posting this week's. LOL

Thank you, Lissa. I get so frustrated with book pirates. My last book had barely released when the assholes were already looking for it. Thanks for stopping by!

Hiya, Gale! Congrats on the edits! The only thing about passing around a paperback is there's only one copy and the author was paid the royalty on that copy when it was originally purchased. Ebook pirates aren't passing one copy. They are making thousands of copies. That's the part that's illegal. Thanks for stopping by!