Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Report Card

Well, I'm a little early posting today. SyFy Channel is being a big distraction. They are running a bunch of disaster b-movies and I'm a sucker for a cheesy disaster movie! *cackle*

So my goals for the week were:

1) Finish revisions on OOC and send to CP.
2) Sub CI to Samhain. (If CP finishes.)
3) Blog at the Rainbow Studio on Wednesday.
4) Snoopy dance on Friday when ICING ON THE CAKE releases at Ellora's Cave!

And looky! They're all crossed off! *insert Snoopy dance* Plus I worked three days at the evil day job. And mowed the front yard! I have to do the back yard today.

I'll probably do a little more tweaking on OOC but it's essentially finished. I still have to write the synopsis and blurb. Once I've put OOC to bed, next up is finishing the sequel to Angel Moon. I'm almost halfway through the story. I just need to get back to it! 30k is just an estimate. It might go longer. It's hard to judge when I plot out a story just how long it'll actually be.

Since I'm off from the evil day job this week, I hope to make good progress. I plan to flog the whip on myself to finish Angel Moon 2--which needs a real title at some point.

A little future planning--I want to start the next story in my Tennessee Cops series soon. First I have to finish AM2 and revise a three chapter proposal just in case Harlequin Intrigue likes my proposal and actually wants to see them.

So this week's goals:

1) OOC to crit.
2) OOC synopsis and blurb.
3) Write 8k words on AM2
4) Oh, and mow the back yard. Need something easy so I can actually accomplish something.

Hope you have a fabulous week!


Rasha said...

Hi Shayla, sounds like great progress :) Good for you plus you went in to work. Give yourself a good pat on the back.

Weekend was good and I got a lot of stuff done, small but significant to me.

Hope the coming week goes great.

Rachel Lynne said...

Lots accomplished! You are one busy chick :) I'm still busy revising Ring of Lies, made significant additions (not changes just more info!) here's to hoping she likes it!
Good luck on your goals this week!