Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Report Card

I didn't really set a goal for the past week. Between the evil day job and the holiday weekend, I knew I wouldn't get much done. However, I did a little more than I thought!

I had one morning to devote to writing. Tuesday I met Brandi Evans at Starbucks. I posted a long story about how the day went at the Liquid Silver Blog in a blog titled Life, Critters and Getting Older. I also posted some pictures of some of those critters. But the short version is, after a rocky start, I wrote 2207 words on the Tennessee Cop story. Woo hoo!
Mussels, shrimp and scallops, oh, my!
The rest of the week was not so good on the writing front. Monday then Wednesday through Friday, I worked at the EDJ between 9-10 hours a day. Add the two hour commute and I was wiped out. Early Saturday and Sunday before I went to Momma's house, I managed another 600 words. I know where I'm going and how to get there but just haven't had time to write.

I did plot out a couple of quickie ideas during the commutes with my voice recorder--one for EC's new shorter quickie and one for a Cleis anthology call. Saturday, Lil Sis helped me plot part of a new Harlequin Intrigue idea. I still haven't heard about the last proposal. Neither have I heard from Samhain or Carina Press about two other stories. I have, on the other hand, heard from my Ellora's Cave editor. Looks like the sequel to ANGEL MOON is a go for launch! I'll spill more about it once the contract is final.

Saturday was fun with Lil Sis and Momma because we made sushi for the first time. We couldn't find sushi grade fish in Little Rock so we went with cooked fish. The picture above is mussels, shrimp and scallops poaching in white wine with lots of fragrant seasoning! The one to the right is the sticky rice. Lil Sis did the seafood, Momma and I did the sticky rice. Both came out excellent!

The actual rolling process was interesting but we managed. Of course, our rolls weren't exactly uniform. *cackle* Once we used up all the nori to wrap the rolls, Lil Sis made a tempura batter and we deep fried the rolls. They were quite yummy, if not as pretty as our favorite Japanese restaurant presents them.

We also had two kinds of sangria, one made with muskadine wine and one made with pomegranate wine, various beers and sweets. Today Lil Sis grilled lamb, Italian sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob. Lil Bro came up today sans his girl children. Not his weekend for the two little ones and the 15 year old had better things to do than spend the day with her family. Teenagers. Can't live with them, can't lock 'em in a closet until they're twenty. Or at least I've been told you can't. *cackle*

I topped off the weekend by trying to kill myself mowing. I did the entire back yard--which hasn't been completely done this year. Too many branches to clean up but it's done now. Plus I mowed part of the front. I'll have to finish it tomorrow. After I write. I'm staying home to make a concerted effort to finish TnC#4. If I can get out of bed after overdoing the yard work!

I don't expect a lot of writing time this week. The evil day job will have me Tuesday through Friday. My boss is out of town so I'll need to do some of her stuff as well as help take up the slack for the customer service person who quit last week. Good thing I can do every job in that place. Makes for extra hours and lots of good will with the higher ups. LOL

Next weekend has no plans except some tree trimming and yard work so I hope, between tomorrow and next weekend, I can finish this book. And hopefully I'll have edits for the ANGEL MOON sequel! Yay!

Goals for the week:

1) Finish TnC#4.
2) Come up with a title for TnC#4.
3) Write synopsis/blurb for TnC#4.

That should be more than enough!

I hope you had a fabulous week and a great one ahead of you.

Don't forget to take some time on Monday to remember the veterans who made and keep America free. To those who gave a little and to those who gave their all, you made a difference in our lives.



Natalie Dae said...

First, thanks for the belly laugh with: I topped off the weekend by trying to kill myself mowing.

Seeing all that food has made my tummy rumble. Hubby asked me today while shopping if I wanted to try sushi. I always say no, but he always asks just the same. Yours looked yummy--actually nicer than the packs I saw today.

Brinda said...

I'll have to show your blog to my son; he's the sushi connoisseur/cook in our house. I'm sure he will be tempted to try it this week because he talks about the lack of fresh fish here. Personnally, I pass on the raw fish.

ArkansasCyndi said...

HEY! Where's lunch with me? :)

Gale Stanley said...

I'm at the beach so I didn't even bother to set any goals. I figured I fit everything around beach time and happy hour. OMG! I love sushi, can't imagine making it myself. You are amazing.

Denise said...

I am in total awe! You MADE sushi? Awesome. Now the sangria, THAT I can make. Sounds like a wonderful time and you've had a very productive week (as always). Hope recovery from the mowing has been completed. Have a great week!

Shayla Kersten said...

My week went by so fast, I never made it over here to comment!

@Natalie If you want to try sushi, don't get the stuff from the grocery store. You should go to a Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi. The difference is night and day! Oh, and I tried to kill myself again today with more yard work! Glutton for punishment!

@Brinda Making sushi wasn't that hard except we couldn't find the right kinds of raw fish. But we messed up a gazillion dishes doing it! LOL

@ArkansasCyndi I know I forgot to mention it! Hell, I forgot to mention visiting with DD and Allie the week before! My brain is turning to mush!

@Gale Hope you had a great time at the beach! I wouldn't have made any goals either!

@Denise The sushi wasn't anything fancy! But we had a lot of fun making it. Lots of laughs!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!