Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Report Card

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My goals for last week were:

1) Finish Angel Moon 2! (I need about 4-5k words to finish. The end is in sight!)
2) Start book #4 of TN Cops.
3) Work one day for the part-time evil day job.

And they are all crossed off! Woo hoo! I had a good week writing-wise!

I finished Angel Moon 2 on Wednesday. The word count for the week on it was 4341. I wrote at the coffee shop--or a coffee shop--most of the week. The critters decided last week was going to be the official "Drive Mommy Crazy" week. I hit the Beanery a few times and Starbucks a couple. Tuesday was a write in with Brandi Evans and Cynthia D'Alba. We ended up going to lunch with Brandi's kids. Her baby kept calling me Grandma. Too funny. Kind of. I can't decide if I liked being called Grandma or just couldn't be mad at the baby. She was sooo cute!

Thursday I was at the Evil Day Job. I hadn't been down there since the 8th of the month. Had fun catching up with my most wonderful boss in the world at lunch. I miss daily interaction with her. She's a hoot to be around. I'll have lots of interaction this week. It's the first of the month so I'll be there all week. Thursday night I had plot inspiration plus a read a synopsis for Delilah Devlin. She has such a wicked mind!

Friday I started what was supposed to be Tennessee Cops book #6. Yes, I know I haven't written #4 and #5 yet. The plot for six hit me the other night and just wanted to be written. So I guess #6 becomes #4. The new math... The story is a reunion story and one of the heroes has a lot to make up for!

Between Friday and Sunday, I wrote 4819 words. Don't have a title yet. Need one. Just don't have one. *cackle* I suck at titles. I probably could have written more but Arkansas was hit with some heavy duty storms Friday night and Saturday night. I spent most of both nights tracking tornadoes. My family was fortunate. Others weren't so much. One fatality from a tornado and one from flash flooding. May they rest in peace.

Saturday before the next round of storms blew in, I critiqued a story for Brandi Evans. Really kewl story about a fallen angel.

So all in all, a very productive week with 9160 words written, two critiques done plus some day job! Goals for next week have to be scaled back because of the EDJ but the story is really popping so I should get something done. Unless the voices are really talking to me, writing when I get home from work isn't very easy. Next weekend is Mother's Day so I'll probably spend most of it with Momma and the siblings.

So this week's goals are:

1) 4k on TnC#4 (formerly known as #6)

I hope everyone had a great week behind them and a fantabulous one in front of them.


Chris said...

*happy Tennessee Cops any number dance*

Also, now am demanding Icing on the Cake #2, having finished #1, um, an hour ago. *fans self*

Shayla Kersten said...

LOL Chris! I already have a cameo from Ryan (Hidden Force) in this book. Tony will show up later.

Glad you liked Icing on the Cake! You aren't the first to want more. I have no plans to do another one but I never know what the muse will come up with!

Chris said...

Please please please please?