Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Report Card!

I is tired wurk tooƂ hard

This week blasted past me but in a good way. I accomplished a lot! My only goal this week was:

1) Write 10k on TnC#4.

And that puppy not only got done, I exceeded it. Grand total on TnC#4 is 11,343 words. The total doesn't include about 1k in notes. I hit the middle and went...uh, where the heck am I going? Ah, the life of a pantser! *cackle* But now I know where I'm going although I think I'll get there too soon. The story was projected to be 25k words. I'm at 18k and "the end" is in sight. Of course, I tend to add words when I start self-edits. Sometimes my first drafts are a little bare of description and deeper emotions. We'll see.

Today has been a very long day. I wrote 4460 of the 11k today. LOL I hit Starbucks and glued my ass to the chair. Well, except for the three venti coffees--one per thousand words. When I hit 4k, I met Lil Sis for a late lunch. Once I arrived home, I did three critiques for the Roses Colored Glasses Critique Group. Busy, busy day!

Saturday was a wash out. I tried writing at home and I kept getting distracted. Mainly by my bed! I hadn't slept well all week and the lure of a nap turned into a marathon five hours of sleep. I don't sleep that much at night!

Boss lady called me on Friday. She needs me in the office most of this week--tomorrow and Wednesday through Friday. So this week's word count will be practically nil. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and the family or at least part of it, will circle the wagon's at Momma's. I have to show up at least a couple of days. Plus the first week of the month I'll always have to work the entire week so the following week will be tight on word count.

I love the idea of extra money but hate losing the writing time. LOL

Since I'm so close to the end of TnC#4, I'm going to try hard to write at night. Plus I have half of Tuesday to write. I'm meeting Brandi Evans at Starbucks Tuesday morning but I have to take my grandmother to a doctor appointment Tuesday afternoon. Another 3-4k and I should be able to start self-edits.

Oh, and as I was driving to Little Rock today, a short story idea hit me. I think I might try my hand at one of Ellora's Caves' new shorter Quickies. It involves the bathhouses in Hot Springs, which are nothing like the gay bathhouses. The ones in Hot Springs are really meant for bathing and massage. But whose to say there can't be a little hanky panky!

We'll see. I made some voice notes on the drive and a few written ones when I arrived at Starbucks before I started work on TnC#4.

I hope everyone had a wonderfully productive week and a great one ahead of you!



Brandi Evans said...

Okay, now you've got me thinking of sexy bathhouse stories! Mmmm! This would so make a good anthology of quickies, pun totally intended!!! :-)

Gale Stanley said...

And I thought I was busy. Whew! I worked like a dog on Mating Call and submitted the ms Friday. The weekend was mainly for babysitting but I got a start on book 3 and did a little on the Weekend Novelist. No rest for the weary.

Rasha said...

Well my last week was extra hard. The whole week revolved around deadlines at work but I was proud of myself for meeting all of them and taking off from work an hour early on Friday :)

Your week sounds very productive and am kind of glad you are working this week, I like the company :)

Lyla Sinclair said...

Well, I finally finished and got my manuscript off to my editor, but I'd planned to have that done a couple of weeks ago and be halfway through my next one by now.

Between being sick for several days and the constant distractions of family responsibilities, I feel like I'm getting an F at the moment. And school's about to be out, friends are coming from out of town, taking a trip to China this summer...

Maybe I should stop writing this comment and get to writing my stories!