Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Blog Post: To sleep perchance to dream...

Okay, so I missed last week's post. My excuse...due to the holiday weekend, I forgot it was Sunday. Hey, I'm old. I forget things! *cackle* Not to mention I really didn't feel as if I made much progress the week before. I did add a little over 1700 words that week but I still didn't finish the revise and resub. It was beginning to feel like the never ending revision! ARGH! The ideas were there, I just couldn't find time to get it done. Frustration doesn't make for a great post...

The evil day job took up a lot of my time both weeks. Not that I'm complaining. A regular paycheck is a great thing. I needed one! Not to mention I'm back on benefits (YAY health insurance!). But I have to relearn the balance between the EDJ and my writing time. I'm not sure how I wrote so much when I was working full time. Hopefully, I'll find my way again.

So this week's progress was actually less but more. I added just under 1700 words but I finished the revise/resub. I talked my galpal Delilah Devlin into reading it for me. She's one busy lady so I hope she'll be able to get it back to me by the end of the week.

My Tennessee Cop story #4 (still no title) is in the hands of my critique partner, Brandi Evans. Another busy lady. Between her writing, her two adorable children--who think I'm another grandmother--and her National Guard duties, I don't expect that one back until later in the week. She had weekend drill this weekend and she's barely back from her two week AT.

I need to write the blurb and synopsis but it helps to have a title. Maybe I'll write a blurb then have a contest for a title...

Oh, and my editor said to expect edits on Shrouded Angel--the sequel to Angel Moon--sometime this week. That's a big yay! I want to scratch this one off my list.

I started the fifth story in my Tennessee Cop series today almost immediately after I finished the revise/resub. I'm about 700 words in. Hopefully this one will come together fast. The story has been mulling around in my brain for a while.

On a more personal note, my sleep study revealed over a 5.7 hour period--which I was awake at least three or four times--I made it into REM sleep for a total of 25 minutes. And that was three different times after 3AM, the longest being 15 minutes. People can't survive without REM sleep. I had all the symptoms, crankiness--although my family says I'm that way when I get sleep--distracted, forgetful, can't concentrate...

Well, I received my CPAP machine on Tuesday. The first night, I felt as if I were suffocating with the mask on. I woke up a number of times, pulling it off or having pulled it off in my sleep. I kept putting it back on, determined to make it work because I paid too much for the damn thing!

The second night, I fared better. I actually slept for five straight hours. And toward morning, I actually dreamed. Vivid color-filled dreams. Although the idea of me taking care of a baby should have been a nightmare. *cackle* But dreams mean REM sleep. I haven't dreamed in ages...

The third night I went back to the suffocating feeling. Actually, I think I was having hot flashes because the mask felt super hot, giving me the feeling of unable to breathe.

So while I'm still getting accustomed to the CPAP machine, it looks like it will be the answer. Maybe once my sleep patterns are reestablished, my writing habits will balance out with my evil day job. It's amazing what sleep will do for you!

And having a little oxygen on the brain is a good thing, as the cat in the above picture will agree!

I should have two days off from the EDJ plus Sunday. My RWA chapter, Diamond State Romance Authors, meets on Saturday so I won't have much in the way of writing time that day.

My goals for this week must be fluid. If I get back any story from anyone--Delilah, Brandi or my EC editor--it will take priority. Otherwise, my goals will be as follows:

1) Write 4500 words on TnC#5.

That's 1500 per day for the three days available. If my sleep patterns improve, I might be able to manage some writing after work. Usually I'm so tired I can't sit at the computer long enough to concentrate.

Hope ya'll have a fabulous week!



Mel Teshco said...

I used to suffer from insomnia has a child and all the way till adulthood (until mid twenties with thyroid troubles saw my whole gland removed.) Now, I can't get enough sleep!!!! Karma must be telling me something??
It's really hard to find the balance with full time work and writing, in fact, I hardly know how people do it!!
I have a three year old (her birthday was 2 days ago) and even that's a balancing act, being a good mum and a writer.
Lots of luck with your books and sleep!

Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Mel! My hats off to you and any mother who tries to write with little ones around. I have trouble with my dogs and cats distracting me. At least I can lock them out or leave them alone and write at the coffee shop! I'm told you can't do that with kids. *cackle*

I've had insomnia but this whole sleep apnea thing seems different. No matter how much I sleep, I'm never really rested. I'm really hoping this machine does the trick!

Thanks for stopping by!

Rasha said...

Hi Shayla :)

I am glad you are doing a bit better with sleep, its not an easy thing to go through a full day of working and taking care of things and then struggle to get some rest. Life is not fare.

I am reading your book past lies and enjoying it a lot. So happy you are almost done with My Tennessee Cop story #4, this is one of my favorit series :)

Love your books. I know its hard to do a job and write but please know that we appreciate it, a lot!!!!

Cris Anson said...

Shayla, sending good and healing thoughts your way that you stabilize and find a balance. The CPAP sounds both scary and good; I hope it does its job for you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the CPAP. I have a couple of friends who use them, and they say they're wonderful. It did take a while to get used to them, though.

Shayla Kersten said...

@ Rasha! Hiya, girl! Hope life's treating you well. I'm so glad you're enjoying PAST LIES. One of my favorite to write. And favorite covers! I'm hoping to have Tn Cop #5 done in a month or so!

@ Cris, thanks for stopping by with the healing wishes. I need all the help I can get! LOL

@ Eyre! My lil bro and sis use CPAP machines and they both swear by them too. I've managed a few five hours stretches, which has been almost unheard of, so I think it's actually working!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Shayla,

Isn't it a drag the way making a living gets in the way of living?

I have a friend who uses a CPAP machine. Took him quite a while to get adjusted but now he finds he is much more rested.

Good luck! (Love the silly kitty!)