Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Report Card: Better Late Then Never?

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Forgot to post my report card yesterday. The weekend just went by too fast. Friday night I met up with Cynthia D'Alba and Merlyssa Cormack for a night out. To watch bull riding. Not my usual cuppa, if ya know what I mean. But it was an interesting evening. Except for the Tea Party mentality and seriously politically incorrect jokes. But the bull riding was interesting even if it came with more than it's fair share of bullshit.

Bull riders are some seriously crazy mo-fos. I mean, these bulls weigh between 1500 and 2000 pounds. And they are seriously unhappy about having that puny cowpoke on their backs. Even crazier are the dudes known as "bull fighters". These crazy SOBs distract the bulls when the rider comes off so the rider can get away. Unfortunately, one of the bull fighters on Friday night didn't get out of the way. It looked like he got trampled in the torso. He was taken away in an ambulance.

The bull fighters are the guys in the lower right corner of the picture. Their outfits are a mix of cowboy and football player. They wear pads similar to a football player but I don't imagine it's much help when a 2000 pound bull stomps on you.

I haven't been able to find out the status of the injured bull fighter. Hopefully he wasn't too badly hurt.

While I probably won't become a buckle bunny, the evening was interesting and set some story ideas marching through my brain. Especially about the bull fighters... *grin*

As far as writing progress, well, not much but better than expected? Seems a familiar phrase for me lately. The evil day job was a total bear last week. Only a four day week and I put in more that 44 hours. Wednesday was a twelve and a half hour day. But most of closing is done. Our cost accountant has to do his thing with overhead clearing today then I can start reviewing financials. We're only a day behind schedule at this point, which I consider good since we're short the former controller. Most of her job was diverting people from interfering with the rest of us doing our jobs. Since I'm doing my old job plus playing interceptor, I feel pretty good about our status at the moment.

So writing, well, I wrote a little bit here and there during the week. Never more than a few hundred words but it adds up. By Friday, I was up 400 words. Saturday I did grocery shopping, haircut, nails and a little writing. Sunday, I hit Starbucks and finished my short story submission for Girls Who Bite (Cleis-editor Delilah Devlin) and 1700 words to my Ellora's Cave short story for the freebie Naughty Nooners line. The story is a follow-up to ICING ON THE CAKE. It's fun playing with these guys again. Although I need to watch the word count. Freebies have to be less than 7k. I'm already pushing 4k and not anywhere near finished!

Sunday's final total: 2099. Week's combined total: 2804. So not phenomenal but considering the EDJ last week, pretty good. And I didn't include last Monday's writing because I cheated and counted it on last week's report. *cackle*

To sum up, last week's goals were:

1) Finish BELOVED (lesbian vamp short story). DONE!
2) Work on Naughty Nooner free short story (epilogue to ICING ON THE CAKE). WROTE 1700 words.

3) Work on synopsis for Angel Moon book 3.
4) Work on plot for new MedRom idea.

This week's goals:

1) Finish Naughty Nooner free short story (epilogue to ICING ON THE CAKE).
2) Work on synopsis for Angel Moon book 3.
3) Work on plot for new MedRom idea.

Oh, and I found out my Kindle will ship on the 22nd. I ordered it on September 1st. I received the cover last week. What a tease! LOL But I'm excited! Can't wait to get it!

Hope ya'll have a fabulous week! I'm off to get ready for the EDJ!

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Cynthia D'Alba said...

Thanks for going with me to the SPBR. It was interesting. Those idiots riding the bulls were YOUNG, weren't they? :)