Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Report Card: I Flunked This Week...

funny pictures-Yu has mistaken me for sumbuddy who is in teh mood to get up.

The evil day job finally caught up with me. Exhaustion set in today and I slept all day. No writing, no plotting, not even housework--other than laundry so I have clothes for more EDJ this week.

A few good things happened this week, just not any writing! LOL

Edits for RIVER OF NEED, the 4th book in the Tennessee Cops series, are done and I have a release date, October 27!  I found the date quite by accident. I was perusing the Coming Soon page at Ellora's Cave and there it was. They were major fast on the website because my editor turned in the final manuscript early Friday morning! I don't have a cover yet but hopefully soon.

I found a fabulous review of SHROUDED ANGEL at Literary Nymphs. Scandalous Minx gave it 4.5 Nymphs and said, "Shrouded Angel is the second story in the Virkola Dreams series. Shayla Kersten does a fantastic job of developing the storyline, thanks to her interesting characters, surprising twists, explosive action scenes and delicious erotic moments." Definitely did some Snoopy dancing over that one! *cackle* You can read the entire review here.

A new story idea struck on the way to work the other day. I recorded a bunch of notes then expanded on them at lunch. I guess that could count as writing. The short synopsis is about 700 words but has no character names. Since it's a younger man/older man story, the characters are currently named YM and OM. *cackle snort*

I put together some of my wardrobe for Ellora's Cave's RomantiCon. I still need to find some boots. And maybe another pair of pants. The conference it October 7 -10. I can't wait. Last year was a real blast. This year I'm rooming with one of my bestie galpals, Delilah Devlin, so this year should be even better!

So last week's goals were:

1) Work on Beloved (lesbian vampire).
2) Self-edits on Naughty Nooner.
3) Work on synopsis for Angel Moon book 3.
4) Work on plot for new MedRom idea.

And nothing got done. Well, next to nothing. I did a little on BELOVED but not enough to even post a word count. Mostly tweaking. Since my life has turned out so busy I'm dropping the MedRom idea for the moment. I need to read more of the line and I just don't have time right now.

The upcoming week will be hectic. Month end close starts all over again. And since I'm taking off Oct 7-8 and 12 for RomantiCon, I'll be kicking butt getting things done at the EDJ. Plus, this weekend is an overnight get together with Cynthia D'Alba and Delilah Devlin so I won't be able to do much Saturday night and Sunday.

However impossible my goals may be, I must have them. A deadline or objective always give me a little extra oomph to get it done. So this week's goals:

1) Work on Beloved (lesbian vampire).
2) Self-edits on Naughty Nooner.

I need to put away the Kindle at lunch and work on writing projects! *cackle* And I'm really enjoying my Kindle. The book I'm reading right now is The Lute Player: A Novel of Richard the Lionhearted by Norah Lofts. I read this book years and years ago. My print copy is brittle and dry, falling apart and next to impossible to read. But the Kindle version! Woo hoo!

The Lute Player originally released in 1951 although the first one I read was a reprint from 1975. Simon and Schuster reprinted it again in 2009. I discovered it on Amazon as a Kindle book just before I ordered my Kindle. It was the first book I bought. And I'm enjoying it as much now as I did 30-something years ago.

Speaking of... I'm off to bed with my Kindle to read for a little while!

Have a fabulous week!


N.J.Walters said...

Congrats on your new release date. And I know this week will be better for you. Wish I was going to Romanticon.

Brinda said...

I am always in awe of your "weekly production", so don't let this week get you down. Sounds like it time for some R & R. :)

Regina Carlysle said...

Yay on the fast release date! You know, I think you are being too hard on yourself...jotting down notes counts as working. So does THINKING about things. That's my story anyway. Can't wait to see you again at Romanticon. Promise me we'll hang out!

Denise said...

Hi Shayla! Congrats on the Release Date! Have a wonderful time at Romanticon!
Denise Golinowski

Shayla Kersten said...

Thanks, Brinda, but I feel like such a slug when I sleep away the day. Even when I needed it. LOL

Hiya, Regina! I'm excited on the fast release date. I haven't had a new TN Cop story out since early '09. And yes, we much hang out at RomantiCon. If I remember, the bar has Bass Ale on tap. You know where to find me! *cackle*

Thanks, Denise! I'm still Snoopy dancin'! Hope the cover comes in soon so I can plaster it all over the net! *cackle*

Shayla Kersten said...

Thanks, NJ! I wish you were going to RomantiCon too! I'd love to meet you in person. The best part of Ellora's Cave's new conference is meeting the other authors and readers who love EC!