Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Report Card: Er...on Monday?

Okay, so the long weekend confuzzled me. I really thought yesterday was Saturday. *shrugs*

The past week--last week--was a bitch. No nice way to put it. First full week of full time work and it was month end closing to boot. Hectic, crazy, long hours and long commute conspired together to kick my butt. I'll need more time to get back into the swing of things. It probably won't happen this week. I'll still be working on month end and short weeks tend to be the longest in the history of time. *cackle*

The long weekend sped by. Saturday and Sunday I spent at Momma's with Sister, Lil Bro, the 15 yo and 10 yo nieces. We had fun for the most part, always do. But Momma had a "honey-do" list. I put up the new shutters before it got too hot (read: before Lil Bro got there) then Lil Bro chainsawed a bunch of limbs that had fallen over the last month or so. Two of which were big enough for some serious firewood! I stacked while he cut. Totally exhausting work, especially after all the ladder climbing while putting up the shutters. Oy, my aching hip!

On the writing front, not much to report but better than expected. Except it would have really sucked if I had reported my progress yesterday. My muse was on a shiny binge. I couldn't concentrate on the same story two days in a row--when I was able to open a file after a long day of work.

Progress was sporadic. I worked on a plotting synopsis for the third Angel Moon book (tentatively titled Avenging Angel), a plotting synopsis for another Harlequin Medical Romance idea and a short story for submission to Delilah Devlin's lesbian vampire anthology, Girls Who Bite. Total as of yesterday was 1015. Today, I escaped familial responsibilities and met Cynthia D'Alba at Starbucks to write. Knocked out another 350 or so words on the MedRom synopsis and 1561 on the lesbian vampire short story, titled BELOVED. Woo hoo! Not my best total for a day but it's something!

So my grand total for the week was 2881! Of course, my week was one day longer than normal. Since one of my goals was to force the bitchy muse into the mood to write regardless of her mood, I think I did pretty good!

I also Snoopy danced on Friday when SHROUDED ANGEL released. Very early Friday and very briefly. The EDJ pretty much killed the rest of the day.

I did go crazy waiting on the MedRom response to my first proposal. I didn't get one until Tuesday, the last day of the fast track and it was a rejection with very nice feedback. No request for revisions but they liked my writing style and suggested I send another proposal through the regular submissions guideline. Not great but not bad for a rejection. Definitely more personable than some I've received lately. *cackle*

Oh, I also broke down and found a special ring for the new boss (the old boss' boss). On my last phone, I had the theme from the Exorcist but I couldn't transfer the ringtone when I changed phones. But I didn't have a lot of direct interaction with him because the bestest boss in the world handled his direct requests. So I wavered between getting the old ring tone for old times sake and the theme from Jaws. The Exorcist won. *cackle*

Well, I'm off to bed. Short week with lots to do! My goals for this week are pretty mild. Write something! Actually, the list goes like this:

1) Finish BELOVED (lesbian vamp short story).
2) Work on Naughty Nooner free short story (epilogue to ICING ON THE CAKE).
3) Work on synopsis for Angel Moon book 3.
4) Work on plot for new MedRom idea.

I'm keeping my options open with what to work on since the muse seems to like bouncing around lately. I also have drive time again with my commute and I tend to plot well in the car with a voice recorder. However, BELOVED is almost done. The minimum length in the call is 2k and I've just passed that. I need to wrap up the end and send it to my critique partners.

And I splurged in celebrating the new full time status at work, and the pay that comes with full time. I ordered a Kindle. Probably won't ship for another two weeks though. I'm beside myself just thinking about it. Of course, I'm trying to control my book buying until I get it. Driving me crazy because I'm an impulse buyer when it comes to books. Oh, yeah, I didn't get the 3G version because I'm an impulse buyer when it comes to books. LOL That would end up costing me way more than the $50 difference in the ereaders!

I hope ya'll had a fabulous week, wonderful and safe weekend and look forward to a great week ahead!



Anonymous said...

I hope this week is going better for you than last week. Congrats on the full-time status and the Kindle!

Regina Carlysle said...

Long weekends completely screw me up, Shayla! Now I feel behind on everything. Frustrating. At least you got some good wordage down!