Monday, April 11, 2011

Consensual Infidelity, now available!

What if you found out your boyfriend was bisexual? Run? Watch? Join in? Well, I think you know what the heroine in my latest book does!


Denise Wilder never thought the idea of a man having sex with a man would be so intriguing but when her hot hunk of a Memphis cop boyfriend admits he’d do a guy, her mind and body go into lust-filled overdrive.

When Brady Jameson reveals his attraction to men, his girlfriend proposes a deal. She’ll help him make his fantasy come true. A night with her and her gay best friend Jay sounds like a serious slice of heaven.

But will consensual infidelity take their budding romance to new heights or end it completely?  

Lots of fun in Denise and Brady's future. Check it out for yourself at!


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