Monday, April 18, 2011

Manic Monday: Already??

And another weekend bites the dust. I swear the speed of time passing triples on the weekend. My list of must-do ended with only a couple of things accomplished.

Housework and yard work were once again pushed to the bottom. However, my car is finally clean. Inside and out. I paid dearly for it but I had a bit of a mess happen on Friday so it was worth it. I'm always on the run and I practically live out of my car. Friday on the way to work, I had a plastic cup of dry granola and a bottle of water in the little car caddy I keep on the passenger seat. Jackass cut me off and I had to hit the brakes.

The caddy and my purse went flying into the floorboard. Granola and water mixed to make a sticky mess all over the floor mat. By the time I could pull over and pick up stuff, the situation was hopeless. I didn't have time to really clean the mat. I was already late for work. So by the end of the day, granola was glued to the mat, the carpet, everything...

So I paid dearly but my car hasn't been that clean since I drove it off the lot in 2007!

I made it through the Diamond State Romance Authors presentation with Delilah Devlin and Elle James. Those two are great at winging it. I wasn't as sure about the situation but I think we did pretty good. The library's programs dude really liked it and plans to tell the other program directors about us.

One of the didn't-get-dones was read the new straight to Kindle stories by Delilah Devlin and Myla Jackson. Hot Jimmy Thomas cover is enough to want the book. Check it out. Looks good enough to eat... *cackle*

Moonstruck is on my Kindle just waiting for me. Taunting. Teasing. *sigh* Maybe I can read a little during lunch this week. Bwahahahahahahaaa... Like that'll happen. But it's at the top of my new to-do list. If you want to put it on the top of yours, you can find it at

Two sizzling tales by two very twisted sisters…

Heart of the Jaguar by Myla Jackson

When jaguar shifter Reme Denux stumbles into his ex-girlfriend's palm reading parlor in the French Quarter of New Orleans, he's fuzzy about how he got there. The last thing he remembered was a drink at a bar and having another man's dark, sensuous dream.

As soon as Reme enters her building, Sybille can sense the black magic haze hanging over the man she still loves. With the full moon on the rise, she has to do something to save him from a death-swapping hex or lose him forever. With the help of a voodoo priestess, Sybille and Reme weather the moon's supremacy and the soul-stealing storm, forging a bond of lust and love, neither has the strength to resist.

She’s All That by Delilah Devlin

Librarian by day, Melanie Bradshaw, is driven to desperation by her torrid dreams. However, when she acts on her desires, things go horribly wrong and she witnesses the murder of an overly amorous lounge lizard. With the body disintegrating before her eyes, who’s going to believe her?

When Detective Moses Brown gets the latest Full Moon case, he’s hoping it’s no more than another crazy looking for attention—until he meets the delectable Melanie Bradshaw. Melanie took a walk on the wild side straight into vampire territory. They know her and now she’s not safe. Until he can find out why, he’s going to stick to her like glue. If his own attraction gets between him and his good intentions, he’ll just grit his teeth and do his best to ignore it.

But pretty little Melanie has designs on his body. How’s a brother to resist?

And while you're over on Amazon, check out my first self-pubbed novella, Consensual Infidelity, a hot m/m/f BDSM menage.

Have a great Monday. As if that's possible.



Rasha said...

I know what you are saying about the time and weekends. I swear every time I leave work Firday evening I would be saying to myself. You will be back in the blink of an eye. Guess what? I am.

I have not done anything this weekend. Well, apart from going shopping for much needed groceries and cloths. Oh, and watching Twiling 4 times (don't ask).

I want to read Moonstruck too, I bought it as well and its sitting there, waiting for me. Maybe during the metro ride to work? Lets see.

Calisa Lewis said...

If you got anything on your list done you're ahead of me today! I made my local rwa meeting. Period. I'm going to buy Delilah's and Myla's book today. Thanks for the link because I lost the email. lol

ArkansasCyndi said...

The weekend is over? WAAAAAA

Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Rasha! I used to like the subway ride in NYC because I had time to read. Now, I don't have time to turn around twice! *cackle* Thank you for stopping by!

Howdy, Calisa! I thought I'd have time to read at lunch but I was wrong. I should have known better. Mondays are always crazy! Thank you for coming by my blog!

Hey, Cyndi! Yes, the weekend is gone. A flash of memory filed in a clutter, cob-webbed mind. *cackle* Thanks for posting!