Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cats for Sale! Cheap!

funny pictures of cats with captionsFunny picture, huh? Not so funny when it's true. I love my cats. I really do. But sometimes I feel out numbered and out gunned!

I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night. Too much time in front of the computer makes my hip hurt and yesterday was a long day. So it took a while to get comfortable enough to sleep.

Then the alarm goes off. Wow! I'm thinking I actually slept through the night. Something I just don't do! Until I realize the alarm going off had been reset. Not the first time. Probably not the last.

I really need to get new alarm clocks. Yes, plural. I'm not a morning person and I normally have trouble getting out of bed so I have two alarm clocks. But they're old. The kind where the buttons are all on top. Itty bitty kitty paws can change the time with little to no effort.

So my alarm went off at 1AM, shortly after I finally fell asleep. Times like those, I'm ready to get rid of my cats--lock, stock and puddy tat!


Rachel Lynne said...

They were hungry or maybe just lonely!
Mine rotten kitty just gets up by your neck and purrs and if that doesn't wake you her sharp little teeth making contact with your neck surely will!

Gotta love the furry kids :)

ArkansasCyndi said...

that is very funny. Cats can get into so much trouble

I'm reading Blonde With a Wand - contemp. paranormal. Dates turns date into cat by accident, so we see the world thru eyes of cat when in his POV. Very cute. You'll love it. I'll bring it home with me.

sapphyredragon said...

My cat wakes up my husband to feed her. (I just roll over & go back to sleep.) Sometimes I think the only reason she sleeps with us is because she wants to keep an eye on her food source.

Eyre said...

I'm sorry you had a rough night. I often wake up feeling like I'm being watched only to discover my two cats staring at me intently. I swear they have some sort of mind control mojo, especially the one-eyed cat. I know she's the boss of me.

I have to have two alarm clocks, too. I have my digital clock, and I set the alarm on my cell phone. I'm OCD about being late for work, and I can't sleep without knowing that I have a backup alarm.

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Shayla Kersten said...

Rachel, you are an optimist. They are never hungry and lonely? There are seven of them! *cackle* I'm so outnumbered! I only have one who likes to bite but that's when he's getting petted. His way of saying I'm not doing it right! LOL

Cyndi! I'm ready to do lunch! Soon! The book sounds cute!

LOL sapphyredragon! Sounds like you have your cat and your husband well trained! Lucky you!

Hiya, Eyre! I have one cat who will sit on my chest and smack me in the mouth when I snore! *cackle* Guess it disturbs his sleep!

Thank you, Jane!

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by!

Debra Glass said...

My cat definitely rules the roost but I couldn't sell him. He's priceless. :-)

katsrus said...

I didn't get up early enough this morning so one of my cats came in to meow at me so I would water & feed him. LOL. I've had my alarm clocks go off before too. Try to get back to sleep after that! Geesh! LOL. My cats rule the house. They just let me live here! LMAO.