Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day? Bah humbug!

As a romance writer, you'd think I'd be jumping up and down on the bandwagon of the paragon of all romantic days, Valentine's Day. Well, I'm not. Not because I'm not a romantic but because I am!

Why wait until one particular day of the year to buy flowers for someone you love? Why wait until chilly February to offer your sweet something sweet? Life's too short. Who is to say you'll be together come February 14th? Who is to say you'll still be here?

If you love someone, don't forget to show it every day. Don't wait until one Hallmark created holiday to prove your love and affection. How about flowers on April 2nd or September 28th? Chocolate on May 12th or November 1st?

Love the one you're with now because next February 14th might never come.


Meandi's corner said...

i'm with you bah

Brandy W said...

I totally agree. I love my husband year round, not just on a few days deemed special.

Granted he may get on my nerves at times but I still love the big lug.

GPS said...

You are absolutely right! I did get flowers today, but I get them all year round and its so nice to be surprised.

squiresj said...

I'm totally with you. Today my husband is cooking for me but he does it often. Like three weeks ago when doctor thought I had cancer, he waited on me one whole week. Thank God all tests came back normal.
My Mother passed away Jan. 31st and I will always be glad I listened to the urge to send her flowers in Oct. She spent two weeks rearranging them. She had Alhemizers. Then for Christmas I made her the divinity I made her for 30 years straight. But this years was likes her Mother's - airier than usual. Then for New Year's Day (Her birthday) once again I sent her flowers. I sent none to her funeral. The whole family put roses on casket. My Mother loved her flowers.
I buy my husband snicker candy bars when I'm out as he loves them and he gets me Milky Way and 3 Musketeer. It is our way of saying I was thinking of you. I got him spice drops the other day.
It should be a continual thing all year.

Denise said...

Ladies, I'm with you! Valentine's Day is just another opportunity to bolster the greeting card, candy and floral industries. But even they can't make their year on one day. We certainly can't make our relationships last with one day's attentions. It takes a year-round effort, an accumulation of actions, big and small, that roll up into a tremendous amount of I Love You! So, like they say for Christmas, every day should also be Valentine's Day!

katsrus said...

I'm with all of you!

Rachel Lynne said...

Couldn't agree more. The only reason my husband and I went out this weekend was because I finally got a babysitter it didn't matter what date was on the calendar. This was a deluxe date and all day today he kept asking me if he should have gotten me flowers or something for Valentine's Day (he got our 8 year old another great big bear) and I said why? I just had you all to myself in a 4 star hotel for two days, dined out and got to spend time watching friends' band play. It was great, I didn't need flowers. But if we'd stayed home for a weekend alone I'd of been just as happy!

Rasha said...

Oh I am so with you. I like small good gestures when you least expect them. Lemonade when you have a headache, a chocolate when you are feeling particularly down.

I do not a big fan of this holiday; actually it kind of brings me down. One of my single friends wrote "happy independence day" on her facebook today.

It’s not a good thing to pressure people and put so much demand of them just to sell a few more roses.

N.J.Walters said...

I agree. It's the little, everyday things that are the most special. The big gesture once a year is easy. Working on your relationship every day will make sure it lasts.

Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Meandi! I'm also tired of the massive amount of candy and chocolate commercials! I gave that up for life! LOL

Brandy! Thank you for stopping by! LOL Your hubby is lucky to have you!

GPS,surprised with flowers is wonderful! You're luck!

Squiresj, Glad to hear your tests were negative. I've had that scare before. I know how nerve wracking it can be. So sorry to hear about your mother!

Denise, Absolutely! The greeting card, candy industry takes a dive in business after Christmas so they needed something to boost them through to Mother's Day!

Hiya, Katsrus! Thank you for stopping by!

Rach! Two days in a four star hotel! Sounds wonderful! Even without a significant other, I'd go for that. Get away from the critters and housework! LOL

Rasha, you are so right. It's the little things that prove love. Not a huge bouquet of expensive flowers once a year!

N.J., you are so right. The hard part is every day life. Why not perk it up with the small gestures!

Thank you to everyone for stopping by! *GROUP HUGS*

Delilah Devlin said...

I nominated you for a blogging award, but I shouldn't have!!!! You're falling down on the job! :)