Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sister, Sister...

The other day I had a chance to have lunch with my Lil Sis. We met at a local Chinese food restaurant, had a great lunch and a lot of laughs. At the end of the meal, we opened our fortune cookies. She saved me the need to find my reading glasses and read mine.

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action."

Lame. Yes. Most fortunes are. But Lil Sis didn't stop there. She added, "In bed," explaining that even a lame fortune can be made fun if you add "in bed".

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. In bed."

Yeah. That really does change the fortune to something much more interesting!

Her fortune read: "You mind is filled with new ideas. In bed." *cackle*

Being around her is always a laugh. Now. Wasn't always.

My little sister is six years younger than I am. When we were kids, she was a massive pain in my ass. We shared a room from the time she was about three. A six year age difference is almost forever when you're nine. It's even worse when you're a teenager.

Yes, I was mean to her. *hangs head in shame* Something she still uses against me to this day. *cackle* I moved out right before I turned eighteen. At twenty, I joined the Army and left the state.

For the next fifteen years, in my mind's eye Lil Sis was still just a kid, the fourteen year old she was when I left. I only saw her on short visits home. Forget the fact she'd grown up, married, had a kid. She was just my little sister.

Then I moved back to Arkansas. The difference between thirty-five and twenty-nine isn't near as vast as nine and three... *cackle*

Turns out, Lil Sis was funny. I mean, dry, droll and wicked sense of humor. She can deliver a comedic line with aplomb, never batting an eye or cracking a smile, but killing everyone in hearing range.

Turns out, she's also a good friend.


katsrus said...

Only child here but; have a boy & girl. And my daughter was older & used to pick on her brother. Now they're both grown and he is taller & picks back. LOL. It's great you can be friends now. I love laughter. It makes life that much better.
Sue B

Lynn LaFleur said...

Shayla, there's also six years between my sister and me. (I'm the youngest. And yes, I was a brat.) As we've gotten older, my sister and I have grown so much closer. I treasure her. She's someone I can always call, someone I can always trust to be there for me. I don't know what I'd do without her. I hope I never have to find out!


Riley Quinn said...

6 years between me and my sis. I'm the oldest so I can relate, Shayla. We're now good friends as well. My poor brother is right between us, though.

GPS said...

5.5 years between me and my brother, I'm older. He's a great guy and a good friend, still I wish I had a sister...

Rachel Lynne said...

Sounds like a great friend, sometimes I wish I hadn't been an only child. Course, that is mainly when my parents are driving me crazy and I want a sibling to call and say, "they're your problem for a while!"

Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Sue! I couldn't imagine being an only child! Well, I could. I used to! I have two younger brothers as well as Lil Sis plus two older half brothers and one older half sister. Things were crowded when we were kids!

Lynn, it's so surprising and rewarding to find a good friend so close to home!

Riley! I have two brothers between Lil Sis and I. They are a hoot too. Although I did tell Momma to take the youngest one back when she brought him home from the hospital. Sometimes she regrets not doing it! *cackle*

Hiya, GPS! Yes, brothers just can't appreciate the girl talk like a sister can. Of course, we like to make our brothers blush talking about it in front of them! LOL

Rach! Yeah, I sometimes call my sister and tell her, "You know what your mother did?" But most of the time, Momma behaves. She just has trouble making me and Lil Sis behave!!

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by!